Disney's Encanto Movie is the magical new musical streaming Disney+. In a magical hidden town bordered by tall surrounding mountains is Encanto where Alma Madrigal and her family live in the Casita. The magic of Encanto has given all a special magic gift, all except Mirabel. Mirabel is an adorable, quirky, and empathetic 15 year-old who realizes that the magic of Encanto is in danger and Mirabel might be their last hope. Below is a sneak peek.

Disney's Encanto movie has taken off with a bang with its adorable main character and songs like Let's not talk about Bruno" which has become a big hit. The lovable Mirabel and the beautiful vibrant colors have made this Disney movie theme perfect for kids birthday parties. With this in mind, we have designed some fun Encanto free printables and similar Encanto fonts.

When planning children's birthday parties, once the theme, venue, and number of guests have been decided on, the next step may be the invitation. To make our own invitations, we will need fonts and graphics/images.

Free Encanto Activity Pack

Free Encanto Printable Coloring Pages

Free Encanto Printable Activities


The actual Encanto font is now available. It's cute and whimsical just like Mirabel. You can get this free font to make lots of fun Encanto birthday party printables like invitations, water bottle labels, thank you tags and lots more.

We also found some similar Encanto Movie fonts that give the look and feel of the fun whimsical Encanto font. We didn't want to make this page too long so we've made a separate Encanto Font Page to see the whimsical and charming similar fonts.

Encanto Birthday Backdrop

Having an Encanto Birthday Party? Look how beautiful this flowers and butterflies backdrop is! We were inspired by the beautiful flowers with hints of the magic candle and cute Mirabel's glasses. Personalized with the child's name in a stitch-like style. See details in our Etsy store.

Free Encanto Printables 

Beautiful digital paper in 2 styles to make lots of fun Encanto Birthday Party printables like water bottle labels, napkin wraps, goody bags, welcome sign, straw flags, placemats, invitations, cupcake toppers, and lots more! Plus a sheet of pretty round thank-you labels to use as tags or stickers for your goody bags. 

Flowers & Butterfly Labels

Flowers & Butterfly Labels

Encanto Digital Papers

Flowers Digital Paper 

Flowers Border Paper 

Encanto Color Palette

Oh my! Where to begin with the beautiful vibrant colors that express the Columbian culture so magnificently. They are lively and bursting with color. This color palette could be much larger, but we kept it to a more manageable spectrum. But don't limit yourself to these colors. Just about every color under the sun works with this theme. You can make beautiful projects with as little or as many colors as you wish.

As you scroll down you will see some free Encanto printables that we made for you using the above color palette.

Encanto Invitation

Bring on the colors! This Encanto invitation brings out the beautiful Encanto movie colors. The vibrant flowers and butterflies showcase the Columbian culture and its magical mix of bright colors. We've made a blank template as a free download for you (see below).

Encanto Invitation Template

Download this free Encanto Invitation Template (size 5" X 7") for your next Encanto birthday party. It's the perfect Encanto color scheme with its vibrant colors and cute flowers and butterflies.


Encanto Coloring Placemat 

Water Bottle Labels

Every kids party needs water and you can make the water bottles look extra cute with these free flower and butterfly Happy Birthday labels which are the perfect color scheme for an Encanto birthday party or Fiesta. Get these fun water bottle labels for your next Encanto birthday party or fiesta.

Mirabel Font Ideas

Encanto Movie Mirabel has her name stitched on her lovely skirt. It's a whimsical embroidery script font that's fun just like Mirabel. The actual font is not available but with a little imagination and ingenuity we can make something similar. What we are going for is a look and feel to design your  birthday invitations and party printables. Below is one we made just for fun using some of the graphics (butterflies, flowers, and more) that we will be sharing with you soon.

Butterflies & Flowers

Enjoy these pretty butterflies and flowers in lovely colors to match your Encanto theme. We've added a white border for easier cutting. These make great stickers and are fun for lots of projects like goody bags, invitations, paper napkin holders and so much more! Just right click and save to your desktop.

Embroidery Clipart

If you've seen Disney's Encanto movie, you know that as part of their Colombian culture, they use embroidery to adorn their clothes and other apparel. Below is a beautiful embroidered clipart set that is fun to use as stickers and all your party printables to give them that authentic feel. To get lovely set, just right click and save to your computer.

Flower & Butterflies Digital Paper

OOh! So many pretty things you can make with printable digital paper. This purple print features pretty flowers and butterflies in the Encanto color scheme and also great for Spring projects. Right click and save to your computer to make lots of fun projects like water bottle labels, gift wrapping, and birthday invitations just to name a few! 

Polka Dots Digital Paper

Who loves polka dots? We do! perfect color combination for an Encanto birthday party. Right click and save to your computer to make lots of fun projects like water bottle labels, gift wrapping, and birthday invitations and lots more!

Encanto Thank You Tags

Pretty pink flowers with a cute Thank You For Coming font. Use as tags or stickers, just right click and save to your computer.

Encanto Broken Glass

Mirabel finds glowing shards of etched glass showing a vision of her and the family's crumbling home. image. Download the broken glass below and glue onto cardboard (you can use an empty cereal box). Wait until it dries, then cut into puzzle pieces, mix the pieces and now they can build the puzzle. Right click to save to your computer.

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