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Want To Make an Iron Man Logo?

Iron Man has become quite the sensation since the very first movie in 2008.  Iron Man is an American superhero action film based on the Marvel Comics. Iron Man 3 which is the 3rd movie, just opened recently.

Children love these action-packed movies and of course, this is quickly followed by kids asking for an Iron Man birthday party; which brings us to the Iron Man logo.  

You can save a lot on party supplies by making some of the party items yourself.  One of our favorite DIY things to do is use the party theme font to make invitations.

Below are some examples of different ways to design your Iron Man logo.

IRON MAN Font - Download this FREE font and have fun making invitations, party labels, stickers, name tags, water bottle labels and lots more!

Iron Man Font 1

"Iron Man" Font Link

Download Background HERE

FREE IRON MAN Logo–Easy picture tutorial to learn how to make the movie logo, including IRON MAN 3 font. Make party invitations, decorations, party labels, stickers, cake and cupcake toppers and more.

Iron Man Font 2

IRON MAN Font - Download this FREE font and have fun making party invitations, party labels, stickers, name tags, water bottle labels and lots more for your next Iron Man birthday party.

Iron Man Font 3

FREE IRON MAN Logo–Easy picture tutorial to learn how to make the movie logo, including IRON MAN 3 font. Make party invitations, decorations, party labels, stickers, cake and cupcake toppers and more.

Iron Man 3 Font 4

Iron Man 3 Steel Logo - Learn how to make this cool Iron Man 3 Logo, FREE.  Picture Tutorial.

Iron Man 3 Font 5

Making these logos is so easy, you're not going to believe it!  No photoshop or special software.  Everything is free and you can be done in minutes.. Really!

Just follow along with the picture tutorial below and you'll see how easy it is.  If you're able to, open 2 windows on your computer; one for our tutorial and one for you to do your logo.  Follow along and when the tutorial is done so are you.  The first time around will take longer because you will be familiarizing yourself with the screen and the options.  After that it will be a breeze!

Our tutorial will be making the "Iron Man 3 Font 4" logo (above). 

After you finish the tutorial and see how easy it is, you can go back and change things if you want to.

Before you start copy these notes (No.1thru 10).  Take a screen shot and save it.

  1. Flaming text
  2. Pick "Blackbird" Logo
  3. Pick font "Impact". The actual font for Iron Man is "Stark", and although it's a free font, they don't offer it here, so choose "Impact" which is the closest they have.
  4. Pick color for text - Color Code #9c0000  Note:  you don't have to use this color, this is just one example, pick what YOU like.
  5. Choice for outline1- Gradient-Gold
  6. Choice for outline 2 - Gradient-gold
  7. Pick background  Note:  if you want to use your logo over other backgrounds, pick transparent and make sure to download finished logo.
  8. Click "Create Logo"
  9. Click "Download"
  10. Done!  (Make sure you know where your computer stores downloads).

See below what the transparent choice looks like, in case you need it.  

What's most awesome about this, is that you can do it as many times as you like because it's FREE! and fun.  The possibilities are endless.

Send us your logo to share with our visitors (see from below).  And remember there is no wrong way to do this. It's all about artistic interpretation!

No Time To Make Your Logo?

No Problem!!

 Just type the text you want and use any of these backgrounds.  Download by clicking on the background image.

Iron Man Background Gold

Iron Man Background Silver

Here is an easy picture tutorial to learn how to make the movie logo, including IRON MAN 3 font. Make party invitations, decorations, party labels, stickers, cake and cupcake toppers and lots more.

Remember, if possible, open site in separate window so you have the site and our tutorial side by side.  We strongly recommend that you follow along using the same parameters (font, colors, etc.) we are using when you're doing this for the first time.  The second time you do it, it will seem a lot easier and it will go a lot quicker.  Once you get the hang of it, it's really a lot of fun!

Iron Man Logo Tutorial


1.  Click HERE  and look for "Blackbird" logo.  It's on page 21 at the moment.  You can also scroll down and select it from their alphabetical list.

2.  Your screen should now look like this (image below).

3.  Type text in the "Logo Text" box.

4.  Change font size to 199 (200 and up is premium and so it's not free).

5.  Change font to 'Impact" by clicking on the small arrow and typing "Impact" on the search box.  You MUST click on the actual word "Impact" or it will not accept the new font.

6. Notice that we are on the "Text" tab.

7.  Your screen should now look like the image below.

8.  Now click on the "Logo" tab (to the right of the "text" tab.  See arrow below.

9. In the "Logo" tab is where you will pick the color for your text.  Notice that this particular logo has:

  • A text color
  • An outline color
  • And an outline 2 color (think of this as an outline for the outline).

10. Steps for this screen:

Note:  Make sure you are on the "Logo" tab.

  1. Click on small white arrow for the "Fill" color.
  2. Select the general color you want.
  3. Fine-tune the color by clicking on different parts of the color square.
  4. Notice that as you change colors the number with the # sign (below color selection square) also changes.  This number (below the color selection) is the color code for that specific color.  Once you find a color that you like, MAKE SURE to write down the number so you can recall the color later on.
  5. The color code for this tutorial logo is #9c0000.

11.  Your screen should look like the one below (unless you're using different options).

12.  Notice the 2 neon green arrows on the left side of "outline size" on the screen above.   Move the corresponding slider or change the number to get the effect you want.  For this tutorial I left the first outline at 2 and the second outline I changed to 4.

13.  For the 1st outline, click on "Gradient" (circled in hot pink above).  Now click on the small white arrow on the color box and a selection window will appear, see image below.

14.  Move the scroll bar up and down until you find the gold gradient, see arrow in image above.  Click on the gold gradient.

15.  Repeat this process for the "Outline2 Size".  When finished, your screen should look like the one below (unless you are using other options such as different size, color, gradient, font).

16.  Now click on the "Shadow" tab, which is to the right of the "Logo" tab.

17.  Notice the following:

  • X Offset - 4
  • Y Offset - 4
  • Blur - 8

These numbers are the default settings and because I am placing a black background, the shadow in this case does not matter because the shadow color and the background color are both black.

Decide here what you would like to do and remember you can always go back or re-do it.

If you are considering a shadow, play around with the different options and once you see something you like, REMEMBER to write it down so you can re-create the effect.

18.  Now click on the "Background" tab, and for "Type", choose color (see image below).  Then click on arrow and select your choice of color.  Note that you also have other options under "Type".

19.  When you like how your logo looks, click "Create Logo" (see image below).  

Note:  Up to the point before you click on "create logo" you can always go back and change things.  However, once you click "create logo" you may have to start over again.  This is why is important to write down your choices (including color code #'s) so that you can re-create your logo. 

20.  Your screen will look similar to the one below.  Now click download (circled in image below) and your logo will be sent to the place where your computer stores downloads.

The image below has a transparent background.  This background pattern will disappear when you download your Iron Man logo.

I wanted to show you the difference between transparent and white.  Look at the image below.  If you pick transparent under the choices for "Type" then you can place your logo over other images with the background showing.  If you pick white or any other color, the background color will show.  So it just depends how you are planning to use the logo.

And here (below) is the finished Iron Man logo.  Look below for links to free Iron Man graphics.

Iron Man images and clipart are great ways to embellish your logos.  To download these Iron Man Images (below) and more, visit our Iron Man Images Page HERE.

Now that you made your logo, you may be asking,

"What Can I Do with it?"

Here are some ideas for your Iron Man logo:

  • Party Invitations
  • Party Labels
  • Stickers
  • Cake and Cupcake Toppers
  • Water Bottle Labels
  • Centerpieces
  • Birthday Banners
  • Games
  • Thank-You Labels
  • Name Tags
  • and lots more!

Show Us What You Made!

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