Lightning McQueen Party Favors

Looking for Lightning McQueen Party Favors?

Make these Lightning McQueen party favors from plain party favor bags.  Just print our FREE template to get started.

Materials needed

  • Red paper party bags (4 5/8 in x 2 7/8 in x 8 5/8 inches) (11.7cm x 7.3cm x 21.9cm). I used this size and a slightly larger one but any size will work, just adjust the size of the template accordingly.
  • White card stock or copy paper (I used card stock)
  • Tape (or glue, glue dots)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Template - Download Lightning McQueen Party Favors Template HERE.

1. Cut along the creases of one side of the bag leaving 1 1/2 inches at bottom uncut. This will be the front of your car.

2. Repeat on other side of bag but leave 2 inches at the bottom uncut. This will be the back of your car.

3. Your bag should look like the one above.

4. Fold the 3 pieces (do not fold the first strip with the 1 1/2 inches uncut).

5. Fill bag with treats.

6. Fold end at an angle to looklike the picture below.

7. Fold end strip (the side with the 2 inches uncut) and secure with tape/glue.

8. Bring front strip over bag but make sure not to flatten strip. See picture above.

9. Secure with tape/glue at about 1/3 of the way.

10. Fold the end of this strip about 1/2 inch and secure to back of car.

11. Make a crease at the highest point of the strip to give the car a more authentic look.

To make a square tail, put your finger through the tail tube and then fold vertically to get a square like the picture below.

12. Paste your cutouts and DONE!

Note: There are no cutouts for the yellow headlights or the mouth since these are easy to make. The outline on the eyes has been left out on purpose so you can cut it where you need it.

For different size bags just adjust the size on your template.

Have a wonderful BIrthday Party!

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