Little Mermaid Font

Ooh! So excited about this new Little Mermaid font from Kustren. It's beautiful and free to download. I had to stop everything and make this quick Little Mermaid logo using the new font so you could see how pretty it is. Just want to download your name? That's easy too, and you get to pick the color and size. It just doesn't get any easier. Keep reading!



Little Mermaid invitation template

I think you'll agree that this font is just beautiful. I couldn't resist making a Little Mermaid invitation to show you how the Little Mermaid font would look on an actual birthday invitation. If you would like to make your Ariel invitation using this template, scroll down for the free template download.

And now for the fun part! Making your child's name with the Little Mermaid font....for FREE. If you want to download the entire Little Mermaid font (entire alphabet), go here. If you want to only do a name, then please follow the instructions below:

1. Go to Little Mermaid font generator (did I mention it's free?).

2. You should be on a page that looks like the one below.

3. NAME - On the first rectangle (text box) where it says "Enter your text here.....", type the name you would like in the Little Mermaid font. I typed "Little Mermaid" so you could see what it looks like. Note: You can type multiple lines, however, this program doesn't allow for characters (like apostrophes) on Safari browser so you wouldn't be able to type "Olivia's". I tried going it via the Chrome browser and I was able to get the apostrophe th first time but then couldn't get it again. You can try with different browsers to see if you're able to get the apostrophe. Also, if you are tying 2 or more lines, the program doesn't allow you to center the text.

4. FONT - There is only one, but in case it doesn't show up, it's "Little-Mermaid-por-Kustren".

5. SIZE - Now, choose the size in the box where it says "ENTER TEXT SIZE". I like to make it bigger than I need, and then I can reduce the size without losing image quality. The largest font size available is 200.

6. EFFECT (Optional) - Effects are fun, but not necessary, it depends on what you want your name to look like. You can play around with the different effects to see which one you like better. For this example, I chose "Texture-Water-Blue". 

7. FONT COLOR - If you choose an "effect" then you won't be able to pick a color. So it's either an effect OR a color. If you want to do a color, make sure you pick "NONE" in the effects box (it's the first choice).

8. Click "GENERATE", and font will appear below the red "GENERATE" rectangle.

9. VOILA! I'll give you a moment to marvel at your masterpiece. Ok, now for the last step.

10. Once your name is generated, you will need to save it to your computer. To download your creation, right-click on the mouse and click "save as" or "save image to desktop".

The beauty of using the this Little Mermaid font generator is that it downloads your name with a transparent background, which is super awesome, especially if you want to use with a colored background. Pretty cool right?

Free Little Mermaid Invitation Template

Here's the template I made for the birthday invitation above. It measures 5 x 7 inches (12.7 x 17.8 cm) and prints 2 per page. Download your free Little Mermaid invitation template here. For a custom-made look, use the Little Mermaid font for the child's name.

Free Little Mermaid Invitation Template

Little Mermaid Clipart

Here's a beautiful collection of Little Mermaid and friends clipart. These are perfect for invitations, decorations, party labels and so much more! Click on images to download these free Little Mermaid printables.

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