About Great Kids Birthday Parties

by Marlene Romero

Hi, my name is Marlene Romero and my 2 wonderful daughters are Kristen and Lauren, both teenagers. My daughters and I (although it's mostly me at the moment) decided to make this website because we absolutely love planning and creating things for kids birthday parties. While I have always been crafty, my love for kids birthday parties started about 6 months before I had my first daughter Kristen (now 15 years old). I didn't know how passionate I was about kids birthday parties until I started preparing for my daughter's 1st birthday party.

I went nuts! I look back now and I can't believe I did all that! for a 1st birthday! Wow I went crazy!

Okay, let me set the scene:

July 1997, Miami, temperature in the high 90's. So I decide to do Kristen's 1st birthday at the Miami Seaquarium...OUTSIDE! - I know! - My first mistake!

I'm not sure what I unleashed that day I started planning for her birthday but somehow it ended up with pieces of styrofoam, paints, fabric, more paint, foam sheets, felt, colored gems, glitter, streamers, did I mention paint?, trips to Kinko, Michael's, Joanne Fabrics, Michael's, Pearls, Michael's, Home Depot, Michael's and packs and packs of hot glue sticks!(I know - spending way too much money - 2nd mistake!).

When all this was put together (in an organized sort of way) I ended up with a 5' 5" Little Mermaid Standee, a grotto with Little Mermaid, Sebastian and Flounder stuffed dolls, a Little Mermaid clam shell cake topper, a topiary tree with homemade Little Mermaid chocolate colored lollipops, and Little Mermaid clam party favors. Below are some pictures and let's remember this birthday was 15 years ago (To remember 15 years ago let me just remind you that the internet didn't even exist).

Ever since that day I have been planning and continue to plan for both my daughters' birthdays. Today there are many beautiful things out there for birthday parties and unique and creative ideas, decorations, party games, party food, party favors and lots lots more. This is what I am passionate about sharing with you. My goal is to do all the research for you so you don't have to and hopefully for you to share with us your special day. So I hope you'll join us and see all the fun and wonderful things that are available today to make your child's birthday a fun-filled memorable and awesome day!

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