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Looking for fun and creative Disney Cars invitations?  Start the excitement building for your party by having cool and fun invitations. Nothing says it's going to be a great party like a creative invitation.  Make your invitation say "WOW" without breaking the bank!

We have the coolest FREE party invitations including printable ticket invitations, personalized party invitations, VIP Pit Pass lanyard invitations, DIY, fill-in blank templates and lots more. There are many ways to make an invitation have the "fun" factor.  For instance, if you're making an invitation with a blank back, you can print small activities on the back of your invitation like coloring page, mazes, word-searches, riddles, etc. If your invitation is going in an envelope, you can add stickers, temporary tattoos, trading cards, etc.

Disney Cars Ticket Invitations

Looking for free personalized ticket invitations with that "custom made" look?

Well then feast your eyes on these beauties below.

These invitations below are some of our Cars ticket invitation samples we made using  We love making ticket invitations here because they make it easy and fun to create and you can make them in minutes.  Really!  They offer 9 different ticket styles with font and color choices and their editing tools are very user friendly.  They are easy to make, easy to print and our favorite part... they're FREE!

The 2 Cars invitations above were made using style number 9 with different color choices.  On this particular style (ticket style 9) you have different color options for the top color and the bottom color so there's a lot of possible color combinations.

Here are some other samples using ticket style 3, 8 & 9.

Lightning McQueen is definitely a popular Disney Cars character, but there are lots of other favored characters like Tow Mater, Finn McMissile & Sally.  So just for fun (and we really do have fun making these) we made some more examples with the other characters. Another fun idea is to use your child's photo for the invitation.  Below are some more examples that we hope will inspire you to make these easy Cars invitations.

Tips for making your printable Cars ticket invitations:

  • Have the picture you want to use ready and uploaded on your computer.  Don't worry about picture size because they provide editing tools where you can resize, rotate and reposition you picture.
  • Try to find an image that is slightly taller rather than wider so your image fits better in the image space.
  • Go through the various ticket styles and look at their color and font choices since each style has different options.  Some styles, like number 3, even have a Disney font.
  • You can make from 1 up to 4 invitations per sheet.
  • Sometimes the site is glitchy (on my computer) especially when clicking on "Add Photo". The loading should only take about 5-10 seconds, so if it's taking longer than a few seconds, you may have to close the screen and go to the site again.  Unfortunately you can't save your work so you'll have to start over again.  But since making these printable ticket invitations only take a few minutes, it won't take long to do it again.

Create Disney Cars Invitations

Disney has this great "Create" section on their disney.go site where you can create so many things like posters, comic strips, mashups, drawings, story books and lots more.  While this is a fun online digital painter for kids, these creations can easily be made into:

  • Invitations
  • Party labels
  • Thank-you tags for party favors
  • Stickers
  • Name tags
  • Water bottle labels
  • And lots more!

Here are some examples of things you can make with Disney Create.  By the way, this is a great Mommy (or Daddy) & me project.  Your child (depending on age) may enjoy participating in the making of his/her own party invitations.  Not only is it great bonding time but also a boost of self-esteem and pride knowing they helped make their birthday party invitations.

Make this personalized Cars 2 invitation below by choosing a background, selecting your graphics and adding your own text.  Then save your masterpiece and click the download button and you're done!

This is a really fun way to make your own personalized invitations and the best part is that it's all free!  There are several backgrounds and lots of graphics to choose from.  Make your own invitations by clicking here

Notice how the text on the Cars 2 Tokyo invitation above in not inside a speech bubble.  We took some liberties with this one by downloading the invitation with the background and graphics but no text.  We added the text after we downloaded it to the desktop on our computer.

Tip:  If you don't want the Disney logo on your invitations, you can do a screenshot of your invitation instead of downloading it.  Notice that we did that on the second invitation above (where Lightning McQueen is on the highway).

Need ideas for wording your Cars invitations?

Here are some Cars "theme related" words and phrases to help you write your Disney Cars birthday party invitations.

  • Radiator Springs Speedway
  • Route 66
  • Smith Family Speedway (your house)
  • Vroom Vroom
  • Start Your Engines
  • Rev Up Your Engines
  • Shift Into Gear and Join the Fun
  • Start Your Engines and Race Our Way
  • Race on Over
  • Boys & Girls Start Your Engines
  • Pit Crew Members
  • Get Your Race Day Ticket (for ticket invitations)
  • Come in for a Pit Stop
  • VIP Pit Pass
  • Race On Over, John is on Lap 3 (turning 3)
  • Ka-Chow!! John is turning 5
  • Race On Over to his Birthday Bash
  • Race On Over for Some Fun
  • John wants you to join his pit crew (join the party)
  • Make a Pit Stop on June 4th
  • John is racing towards his 6th birthday
  • John(He) is growing up lightning fast, come join us
  • Our speedway rookie is turning 7 and living in the fast lane! Please race on over to......
  • Please join us to celebrate
  • Zoom On Over for a Party
  • It's sure to be a tow-rific time! John is turning 9
  • Jonh's Birthday Party Celebration
  • Drivers start your engines and shift into gear, We're having a party to celebrate John's 8th year
  • **VIP** Pit Pass
  • Gates open at (party starts at)
  • See you at the winner's circle
  • Reserve your seat (RSVP)
  • RSVP to pit manager (person giving party)

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