Halloween Party Ideas

Getting ready for this Halloween? We are too, but it's easy to go beyond the budget if you're not watching. With costumes getting pricier every year (that pretty much breaks the bank), we wanted to bring you some not-so-scary Halloween party ideas that you can add to your holiday. We are sharing some fun & free printables that can help give your wallet a break. On this page you'll find cool Halloween party ideas including free printabales.


Ready for a spooktacular Halloween? This year trick-or-treating may be a little different but it can still be fun! With the current economic situation and social distancing, we decided to make some DIY Halloween costume printables that kids will absolutely love! Grab this free set of 25 Halloween costume printables and print out your favorites. This set includes easy iron-on Halloween designs and mask printables. Everything from Superheroes to cute monsters!

Free HOCUS POCUS Invitation 

Hocus Pocus continues to be a box office hit! This Halloween invite your guests via this free online Hocus Pocus Halloween invitation. Available with or without a photo. See details for this fun way to invite your friends and family to your Halloween party.


Halloween Iron-On Transfers

Boo! These ghostly-cute Halloween t-shirt iron-on transfers are perfect for little ones. Turn any shirt into a Halloween shirt with this quick and easy iron-on. Shirts like these can cost a pretty penny but you can have your own for a fraction of the cost. And when you're only gojng to use them a few times at most, it makes sense to save your cents!

You get 2 free designs "All the Ghouls Love Me" and "Boo-tiful!". Just print on transfer paper and iron on to your favorite shirt. We highly recommend practicing on an old t-shirt or fabric before ironing onto your new Halloween shirt. We include the reverse images since some transfer paper (usually the dark ones) instructions require you to iron in reverse. And if you are feeling realy adventurous, you can use iron-on vinyl paper (yep, that's a thing).You can also reduce the image size in your printer settings to adjust for onesies and smaller sizes.

These also make a no-hassle last minute Halloween costume. Pair them with a pair of shorts, pants or skirt and you are instantly in the holiday spirit. You can get the "All the Ghouls Love Me" iron-on transfer here, and the "Boo-tiful!" iron-on transfer here.

Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Grab these free "Boo!" cupcake toppers for your Halloween party! Whether it's a classroom party or a home party, these cupcake toppers go with any Halloween decor. They're perfect for younger and older guests alike. These toppers come in 2 sizes (for regular cupcakes and mini cupcakes), 2-inch and 2.5-inch. Get them both here.

Free Halloween Stickers

These Boo! stickers are super cute and can turn any goody bag into a Halloween goodie bag or party favor. They come in 2 sizes - 2 inch and come 12 per page, and the 2.5 inch come 9 stickers per page. These are the same as the ones above ut we wanted to show them to you used in a variety of ways. You can also print on card stock to make tags. Here's the link to the stickers in case you didn't get it above.

Halloween Coloring Page

We love coloring pages, can never have too many! Coloring pages are great for playdates, parties, and as favors. For classroom parties, we would take a coloring page and rolled it up with Halloween colored twine. Before tying the bow with twine we would add a candy and then tied the twine into a bow. We used a small hole punch to punch a little hole in the candy wrapper and then put the string through it. Be careful not to hole punch the actual candy or perforate the wrapper. Little M&M's or Skittle bags are great for this becaseu you can hole punch the crinkly end (after the seal). Little ones love getting these as favoars because they can color and eat their candy all at the same time. Download your Halloween coloring page and have fun this Halloween!

Free Halloween Bookmarks

Bookmarks are always fun and make a "useful" Halloween favor. Stick your favorite candy (using glue dots) to a bookmark and.... voila!, you have favors for the entire class and neighborhood! Grab your bookmark set and favorite candies and you'll be ready for the party in no time.

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