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There are so many cool kid fonts and the best thing is that the kid fonts shown here are FREE.  If you're making your own invitations, one of the first things you'll have to decide is what font you should use for your Disney Cars birthday party invitations.  

While there are a lot of beautiful fonts, a general rule is to keep it simple.  You want your guests to be able to read your invitation.  However,  you can add some fun by making a word or two in one of the theme fonts.

Below are some examples of FREE Cars fonts that you could use for your Cars themed party.  Use these kid fonts to create personalized birthday invitations, party labels, water bottle labels, thank-you tags, party favor labels, and so much more.

The font links on this page are for Mac computers but most font pages offer downloads for windows as well.  Please note that these fonts are for personal use only, although some font designers allow commercial use.

Car Fonts

Over 30 Car Fonts (and they're ALL free)

CAR FONTS - Over 90 Car Fonts and graphics and they're ALL FREE.  Great for Disney Cars party or racing party.  Make invitations, party labels, stickers, name tags, water bottle labels and lots more!

Some of these fonts have a preview (or customize) box where you can type a word and see what it looks like in that particular font.

Click on link below font to download font.

Car Font 1

Car Font  2

Car Font 3

Car Font 4

Car Font 5

Car Font 6

Car Font 7

Car Font 8

Car Font 9

Car Font 10

Car Font 11

Car Font 12

Car Font 13

Car Font 14

Car Font 15

Car Font 16

Car Font 17

Car Font 18

Car Font 19

Car Font 20

Car Font 21

Car Font 22

Car Font 23

Car Font 24

Car Font 25

Disney Font 26

Car Font 27

Car Font 28

Car Font 29

Car Font 30

Car Font 31

Car Font 32

Car Font 33

Car Font 34

Car Font 35

Car Font 36

Car Font 37

The checkered flag graphic on the Car font 37 above can be found directly under the second 95 (the one with the lightning bolt) logo below.

Slight close-up (above) of Car Font 38

Car Font 38

Car Font 39

Car Font 40

Car font 41

Here's a quick example (above) using the tire font below.

Car Font 42

Car Font 43

Car Font 44

Car Font 45

Car Font 46

Car Font 47

Car Font 48

Car Font 49

Cars Font

Note:  Some of the Disney signs below were custom made, so we tried to find the closest font to the original.   

Click on Images Below to Download Font

Lightning McQueen Font-Over 90 Car Fonts and graphics and they're ALL FREE. Great for Disney Cars party or racing party.  Make invitations, party labels, stickers, water bottle labels and lots more!

Cars Clipart

FREE Images for Your Party!

Please note that whenever possible, we have provided links to "vectors" instead of "images".  You can enlarge a vector image and there is no loss of image quality.  So you can enlarge a vector image and it will NOT get blurry but when you enlarge an image it gets blurry.  Being able to increase or decrease the size of your image is helpful, especially when you need a particular size for things like your invitations, party favors, food labels, etc.

Most of these images dowloand the file to your computer, but there are some that just open in a new window and then you just need to drag it to the desktop.

Cars Clipart

Click on Images Below for Free Download

These are the 2 flag graphics to use with Car Font 37 above.  Please note that the flag on the left is a regular image (jpg) and the one on the right is a vector which is transparent so you can place it in front or behind other objects.  Try both to see which one works best for you.

Cars Checkered Frames

Here's an example of a DIY car invitation using the background above with some of the car cool fonts.  I used car font 6 and 3 (see above).

Disney Fonts

Disney Font 1

Disney Font 2

Disney Font 3

Disney Font 4

Disney Font 5

Disney Font 6

Disney Font 7

For our complete list of Disney Fonts, click HERE visit our FREE Disney Font Page

You Have to Try This!

Oh my goodness!  I just discovered this and I couldn't wait to share it with you.  If you're looking for cool fonts, where you can pick styles, backgrounds, gradients and much more, then look no further!  

And the best part.....It's FREE!!  

Let me show you some pictures first so you can see what I'm talking about.  Below are some samples I made using the name "Kevin" and selecting different options.

Sample 1 

For the logo above, I made the following choices:

Logo Style-Chrome (there are many to choose from)

Logo Outline-Gradient (many color gradient combinations to choose from)

Logo Background-Color Black (but can choose from Pattern, Gradient or Sunburst)

Shadow-None (Reflection, Glow)

Font Size-70

Sample 2

Chrome Style-Ethnocentric Font-Gradient 

Sample 3

Chrome Style-Ethnocentric Font-Pattern

Notice that Samples 1, 2 and 3 are the same but with different backgrounds.

Sample 3

Chrome Style-Diner Font-Gradient Logo

This sample is the same "STYLE" as sample 1, 2 and 3, however the font, logo gradient and background gradient are different.  See how much your text can change by picking different options?

Sample 4

Silver Style-5th Agent Italic Font-Shadow

For this sample I used the "Silver" style and shadow.

Sample 5

Funtime Style-Diner Font

For this sample I used the "FUNTIME" style combined with the "Diner" font.

Isn't it amazing?  And in less than a minute you can have a custom made (by you) personalized logo or text to use for:

  • Invitations
  • Party Labels
  • Food Lables
  • Cupcake Lables
  • Water Bottle Labels
  • Party Favor Stickers
  • Thank-you Cards

There are so many options when designing your text that the possibilities are endless.  You can spend hours (I did!) trying out different combinations.  The one thing to remember is to pick a style on the "HOME" page first and then go from there.  Then you can go back to the "HOME" page and pick a different style to compare.  Once you have finished designing your text (logo) click on "create logo", then click "download".  Then go to your downloads on your computer and open.  There is no need to click on the "buy" button unless you are using it for commercial use.

I noticed that some font sizes (seems to be the really big sizes) are premium ($), so make sure to watch out for that.  

Now for the fun part, are you ready to make some cool fonts?  Then click HERE and have fun!

P.S.  This is also a fun activity to do with your little ones.....AFTER the birthday party.  Enjoy!

Have a wonderful and memorable birthday party!

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