X MEN movies are extremely popular with kids and adults alike as is their X Men logo. 

These Superhero movies based on Marvel Comics have many popular characters so you can imagine how children (and adults) love having Superhero birthdays and getting dressed up like them.  Each character has their own special power or gift and their own individual costume. 

Planning for a Superhero party is so much fun because you have many characters to choose from.  You can build a color scheme get tons of game ideas from one or all X Men characters.


We designed this X MEN logo in various colors which is great fun for a kid's birthday party. We made large individual X MEN logo images which can be used for decorations and games. Click on image to download.

X Men Stickers

Greet your young guests as they arrive with these X Men logo stickers and make every child a superhero.  These also make great cupcake toppers. 

To make stickers, print download on 2 1/2" (6.35 cm) round label paper. To make them into cupcake toppers, print download on card stock (thicker heavy paper). You can usually find the label paper at your neighborhood office supply store but in case it's not available, below is the one we used. Click on image or link for details.

Round Labels

X Men Font

Learn how to make this X-Men style logo in this steel look.  Make your child's name and other party labels using this process which is completely free.  The actual font is Univers Pro 93 Extra Black Extended oblique and if you really want it you can get it here but it is quite pricey and honestly the one below looks just as good even though it's not the exact font and I don't think the children will notice!

This logo is really easy to make although at first it will seem like a lot of steps.  Follow our picture tutorial below and when you finish the tutorial you will finish your logo. To begin making this font, go here first.  This is flaming text, once there choose the "steel" logo which at the present time is on page 3. See picture below.

Note:  If possible open a separate screen for flaming text and put next to our tutorial so you can refer to this tutorial as you are making your logo.

Once you choose "steel", type what ever you want in the Logo Text space.  Notice that we typed X-MEN.  Then choose your font size.  We recommend you choose 200 which is the largest size you can go without paying.  This is usually large enough for most birthday projects.  While yo are still in this screen, choose the font "Hi Piilani Bold" (circled below).

Now click on the Logo tab, and here you choose "shine color" and "pattern gradient".  While the tutorial instructs you to choose certain colors and gradients, note that this is where your creativity comes in so feel free to experiment.  We do recommend that the first time you you make your logo you follow this tutorial.  Remember that you can make as many logos as you like since it's absolutely free.

Click on the "Shine Color" space and pick white, which is the upper most left of the color choices. Make sure to click okay before going to the next step.

Now click on the "Pattern Gradient" space and choose "Flare rays Radial 1" (circled below).

Next click on the Shadow tab, and decide if you want a shadow.  We are selecting "Reflection" for this tutorial.  Your logo should look similar to the one below at this point. 

Now click on the Background tab.  Note that there are 5 choices for "Type".  If you plan to layer this logo over something else, you may want to choose "transparent".  We are selecting "Color" and choosing black for our background.

Next, click on "create logo" to complete your X-Men font.

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