Disney Cars Party Favors

Looking for Disney Cars Party Favors?

Want to surprise your guests with cool Disney Cars party favors? We have creative and unique kids party favors for every budget.

Wow! There are so many possibilities with a Disney Cars theme, that it would help to first ask yourself these questions:

  1. What's my budget?
  2. How much time do I have?
  3. Do I want to make the favors, buy the supplies and put it together myself or get pre-filled favors?
  4. Do I want to have an activity or craft that doubles as a party favor?

Before deciding on the "actual" party favors, it helps to know what kind of container you would like to use.  There is everything from "free" to "the sky's the limit" options for the actual container. Then there is size to consider especially if you're filling a bucket!  You can bet I would at least put a can a play-dough to start filling that bucket.  Although I do have some neat tricks for filling large containers (more on that later). 

We have clever and creative Disney Cars party favor containers that are sure to delight your guests and your budget.  See all types of fun Cars party favors by scrolling down the page.

Great kids birthday parties don't have to include party favors but kids sure do love receiving them. Our party favor ideas are unique and fun, and we have kids party favors for every budget!

When my girls were growing up (they are now 13 and 15), I always made their favors because this was and still is my favorite part of planning birthday parties. But now, there are so many choices and so many clever and unique kids party favor ideas that it's worth taking the time to decide.

Tip: If the birthday child is old enough, it's nice to ask them what they would like.

There are lots of party bags and containers to choose from for a Disney Cars birthday party. You have everything from paper and plastic party favor bags to Cars themed containers. The themed containers are going to be a bit pricier than your solid color items, but you can decorate these with stickers, patterns and cutouts to make a beautiful party favor.

If your looking to do something unique and fun, we have homemade kids party favors that are just that, and for a fraction of the cost.

Our kids party favors are fast and easy to make. Below are some creative DIY party favor ideas.

Disney Cars Party Favors

Turn these Disney Lightning McQueen paper craft cars (above) into party favors for your next Disney Cars birthday party by leaving the back of the car opened and filling it with treats and toys.  Once filled close back of car.  Download template HERE

Cars Favor Boxes

Disney Cars Favor Boxes - FREE printable Lightning McQueen party favor box, perfect for goodies like toy race cars, treats and stickers.  Free Template at Great-Kids-Birthday-Parties.Com

These Disney Cars Favor boxes are a perfect fit for smaller favors like toy race cars.  Add some stickers and a few treats and done!

Use some decorative tissue paper in bright yellow to line the party favor box and then fill with goodies.  To download the template below click HERE.

Orange Cone Party Favors

You can make this in 15 minutes or less!

(depending on how many times you get interrupted)

How about an orange cone filled with goodies? Children love fun party favors filled with treats and these are so easy to make.

Materials needed:

  • 2 sheets orange construction paper
  • 1 sheet black construction paper
  • 1/2 sheet white construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cone template - click HERE to download template
  • Cone base orange template - click HERE
  • Cone base black template - click HERE

Tip: These easy-to-make cones make great invitations too. Just decrease the template size.


  1. Download, print and cut out all 3 templates (cone, orange and black base)
  2. Glue cone.
  3. Cut out a strip of white paper for the white stripe on the cone.
  4. Glue strip.
  5. Glue orange base on top of black base.
  6. Fill cone with treats.
  7. Glue base to cone.

Lightning McQueen Party Favors

Turn ordinary paper bags into unique Disney Cars party favors. To learn how visit Lightning McQueen Party Favors

Disney Cars Party Favors

Tow Mater Favor Bag

Your guests will love these unique kids party favors and the best part is you make them from simple party favor bags. Our Tow Mater template, scissors and glue are all you need to make these cool party favors. To learn how go to Disney Cars Party Favors - Tow Mater Favor Bag

Disney Cars Favor Bag Template

Free Disney Cars Mini Favor Bag Template

Download Free Mini Disney Cars Favor Bag Template HERE

Make a custom party favor bag from a generic solid colored bag by adding patterns and cutouts.

The bag above is made by printing a sheet of black & white checkered pattern (download checkered pattern here) and cutting a strip. Before you glue it play around with putting the stripe in different places and directions.

Here are 2 other patterns we found, click on image to download

To decorate your party favors, use checkered pattern duct tape or download checkered pattern (see above). Find your child's favorite Disney Cars photo on google search, print, cut out and paste. The bag below was made with the same checkered strip and Lightning McQueen cutout.

Tip: This is a fun activity to do with your child and a great way to get their input, not to mention the boost in self-esteem knowing they are helping to make their party favors.

Need Disney Cars Party Labels for your Party?

These FREE Cars party thank-you labels are perfect for your party favors.  Print them on card stock and cut out or use Avery Round Sticker Labels #22830 and simply print and peel off round stickers. There are 9 labels per sheet and each round label is 2 1/2 inches (6.4cm) in diameter.

Download FREE Cars Party Thank-You Labels HERE

Free Disney Cars Thank You Labels

These Disney Cars Thank You Labels are perfect for party favors of all shapes and sizes.  These stickers are ready to use and can be used in various ways:

  • Print them on sticker paper (Avery sticker paper #3383) for use on party favor pails, buckets, cups, boxes, etc. You can buy this sticker paper at your local office supply store or click on image to the left for additional details.
  • Print them on card stock (thicker paper than copy paper) and hole punch the top of each tag and use colorful lanyards which you can probably find at the dollar store but I like this pack on the left because it has exactly the bold colors (except for the pastel yellow) from the Disney Cars party theme.  You can also use string or thin ribbon to attach the thank you tag to the party favor.

Download FREE Disney Cars Thank-You Labels HERE

Free Car Thank-You Tags

Download FREE Tags for Disney Cars Party Favors HERE

Disney Cars Party Favors

Remember to keep in mind the size and shape of the container you will be using to make sure the favors fit.  When you see something you like, click on image for further details.  Have a wonderful and memorable party!

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