Kids Party Food

Looking for fun & easy kids party food?  Planning for a child's birthday party always involves making food decisions on what to serve.  And it can get a little tricky of you have a wide range in the ages of your guests.      You might also have to plan for the adults who are invited or are supervising little ones......and then there are the drinks. 

Whether it's appetizers, snacks or a sit-down lunch, planning ahead is always wise.  While in a pinch, pizza and chicken tenders will save the day, it's nice to have something extra special for the birthday celebration.  

Note:  It's a good idea to find out if there are any children with allergies or are vegetarians. Have a few vegetarian snacks available.

Below you'll find our list of themed party food ideas, kids finger foods and delicious treats.

Pizza Pinwheels are always a favorite. Here's an easy recipe with pictures.

Before deciding on your kids party food, consider the following:

  • Budget - What you serve and to how many guests you have will impact your wallet differently.  Preparing things yourself will save you money but take up more time.  Find a happy medium that works for you.
  • Age Group - Food for toddlers and food for 6 & 7 year olds could be different.  
  • Number of Guests -Whether you invite 4 or 14, this makes a difference on your budget & time.
  • Space - Sit-down's (sitting at a table to eat) are nice but require space and extra supplies.  Opt for a buffet style for your kids party food where kids can serve themselves (an adult can serve toddlers).   Or my favorite, prepared lunch trays which you can make ahead in a themed party food box or tray.  Lay out picnic blankets or beach towels on the grass and Voila!....there's your free lunch table. 
  • What do kids like?  - While this seems like an easy question, it's easy to get carried away.  Stick to the things kids like and maybe introduce 1 new item.  The key is not so much in what you serve but how you serve it.   Litttle kids, like grown ups are attracted by presentation.

For example

Which one looks like more fun for kids?

It's the same snack (minus the pepper) but the stop light presentation definitely calls your attention.  This doesn't mean that every food item on your table has to be shaped into a car or flower, or that we have to put all our food on a stick.  Pick a few of the foods that you will be serving (hopefully the easier ones to work with) and take the extra step to make it special.  Sometimes all you need is a cookie cutter (shaped watermelon stars or a muffin pan (mac & cheese cups). 

Kids Party Food

Mini Pizza Bagels

Love this mini pizza bagel finger food for kids birthday parties. They are easy and fast to make and because you don't need utensil, these definitely fall into the no-hassle kids party food category. We love that you can prepare an entire batch at a time and they are ready in under 3 minutes. You can get this 3-ingredient recipe here. This kids recipe will leave you with plenty of time for all your other party preparations! Kids will love these mini pizza delicious treats! 

Butterfly Tea Sandwiches

Aren't these butterfly tea sandwiches adorable? These delights from Ali of Ali Events are the perfect party food for lots of themes including a Fancy Nancy party (she absolutely loves butterflies), Princess party, Fairy party, Butterfly themed party, Tea party, Garden party, Woodland party, Hungry Caterpillar party just to name a few. Recipe comes with a picture tutorial which you can get here.

Finger Foods

Mini Hotdogs - These are perfect finger food. Serve with ketchup and mustard.

Hamburger Sliders - These mini hamburgers are perfect for little hands.

Pizza - Cut into thin "kid-size" slices. Order plain and with toppings for variety.

Hot Dog Race Car - Hot dog, carrots, grape tomato and a little dip.  I would substitute the toothpicks for skinny pretzel  sticks (safer for little ones) or thin carrot sticks.  Open the holes with a toothpick, then insert pretzel/carrot stick.

Mini Meatballs - These bite-size meatballs are perfect for your guests. Notice the kid-friendly toothpicks. Serve with spaghetti sauce.

Chicken Skewers - Delicious alone or with BBQ or pineapple dipping sauce.

Prosciutto (or ham) and Melon - Use cantaloup or honeydew.

Chicken Tenders - A children's favorite. Serve with honey-mustard sauce.

Celery Snack - Make this healthy stoplight with celery, cream cheese and peppers.

Crispy Kale Chips - My children love this! Break kale leaves into pieces (remove inner rib) and drizzle olive oil and sea salt. Place in oven at 300 degrees F for 10-15 minutes or until crispy. Keep an eye on them, chips can burn easily.

Cheese Cubes - Assortment of cheeses. Add checkered flag toothpicks to go with the theme.

Veggies & Dip - Celery and carrots. Try with ranch dresssing or hummus.


Traffic Light Sandwiches - Everyone will be making a pit stop at your food table with these cool sandwiches.  Make with cheese, turkey or cream cheese  and fill the lights with colorful veggies.  Yummy and healthy!

Race Car Sandwiches - These sandwiches are perfect for a Disney Cars party theme and easy to make.  You can substitute the toothpicks with pretzel/carrot sticks (safer for little ones).

Mini Sandwiches - Make assorted crustless mini sandwiches - ham & cheese, turkey, chicken salad.

Race Car Family Sandwiches 

It's amazing how putting some buns and hot dogs together in just the right way will equal race car family sandwiches.  That is creativity!  

Mini Race Car Sandwiches - Race on over to these fun edible cars.  


Mac & Cheese - A classic children's favorite.

Spaghetti and Meatballs -Can also use penne pasta.

Penne Pasta - Serve with red or white sauce

Lasagna - Easy to serve, just cut in squares and enjoy.

Kids Healthy Treats

Race Car Fruit Salad - For directions on how to make, visit


Strawberry Race Car - Adorable strawberry and blueberry fruit car.

Fruit Race Cars - Apples and grapes make this a healthy snack.

Fruit-on-a-Stick - Healthy and refreshing.

Watermelon Race Car - Click on picture for recipe and directions.

Lightning McQueen Cupcakes - These cute cars cupcakes are easy to make, using M & M's for the tires and headlights.

Tire Donuts - This one couldn't be easier. Place mini donuts on a chopstick or skewer and pile rest of donuts around skewer. Done!

Tip: Secure the skewer to the plate using tape.

Print Luigi's Tire Label HERE

Disney Cars Cupcakes - Buy or make these red-icing cupcakes, place cars cupcake toppers and sprinkle with confetti sprinkles.

Yogurt Cupcakes - Make these delicious and healthy cupcakes with yogurt and fresh fruit.

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