Encanto Font

If you're looking for the Encanto font, it's finally arrived! This lovely whimsical font is perfect for an Encanto birthday party. Grab this Encanto font to make fun birthday invitations, welcome signs, and party printables like water bottle labels, thank you tags and lots more!

Here's a quick look at the Encanto alphabet and numbers

We also have some fun and whimsical fonts that give the look and feel of Disney's Encanto movie font. Take a look below. Please note that these fonts are for personal use only and if you wish to use them commercially please contact font designer.

Similar Encanto Fonts

Each font below has its own special quirkiness, just like Mirabel. We chose a variety of fonts from delicate to display to use for multiple projects like invitations, welcome sign, and birthday party printables. Try out each one with the name or words you plan to use as each font will give you a different look. For example, a name in one font may look better than in another font, depending on the letters.

We've used some of the fonts in our sample invitations on our Encanto Birthday Page where you can also download lots of free Encanto party printables. 

We selected a variety of fonts with varying weights (widths), wider, narrower, while keeping the  whimsical fiesta feel. We also designed the multicolored overlay and confetti dots which you can download for free below. For choosing a  color scheme, we made an Encanto Movie color palette which you can see in our Encanto Birthday Page.

Encanto Font 1

This first font is tall and curly. It is a playful font which lends itself for many birthday party printables. Get this similar free Encanto font and enjoy making lots of printables for your fiesta!

This next similar Encanto font is one of our favorites. It has that fanciful fairytale feel which is pretty for invitations and party printables.

This similar free Encanto font below is shorter and wider and has that charming look. It's a fancy curly font, perfect for lots of projects.

This similar Encanto font is a heavier weight (thicker) font which is ideal for welcome signs, display signs. It's elegant and fun at the same time.

The next similar Encanto font also has a thicker weight but less than the one above. It's fancy and regal looking while keeping a charming and delightful look.

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