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Want to have a magical TinkerBell Party?

Get the newest and best TinkerBell party supplies and transform your birthday party area into a magical fairy garden or Pixie Hollow. Find lots of great party supplies including invitations, decorations, cake supplies, party favors, games, balloons, clothing and accessories.   

Did you and/or your child decide what kind of TinkerBell party you are going to have?  Currently there are 6 different party themes which are listed on our TinkerBell Party Ideas page.  Click here for details.

TinkerBell party colors are beautiful and so easy to mix and match.  Below is an example of one color scheme combination for a TinkerBell tablescape by Treasures and Tiaras.

Can You Spot The Savings?

A great way to save is by buying some of the party supplies in solid colors instead of the ones with the character on it.  For example, look at the tablescape above, can you spot the savings?  Notice that the tablecloth, table runner, cups, napkins, chair covers and a large portion of the centerpieces are generic solid colors.  The paper plates, placemat and fairy doll are the only character items and yet when you first look at this picture you can tell immediately that it's a Tinker Bell party.

Below is a TinkerBell party color palette, however there are many other colors that you can include, especially the earth tone colors if you're doing a TinkerBell and Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow.  

Once you have decided on a color scheme you are ready to buy your supplies.  Below are some great TinkerBell party supplies, when you see something you like, click on photo for more details.  

Warning:  Please follow recommended age and read product warnings. 

Note:  Please check sizes on products to make sure they are the right sizes.  An example would be tablecloths, which come in a variety of sizes, shapes and lengths.

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