Trolls Party

Come find your happy place with us! Lots of fun free ideas and printables for your Trolls party. We love this Trolls party theme! The colors are bright and beautiful, the textures are so much fun, and the glitter!! I can see the felt and glitter gone from every shelf in town.

We have lots of fun party printables and ides for your Trolls party, including invitations with coordinating thank-you tags, chalkboard invitations (also with matching thank-you tags), Poppy printable headband and bracelet, printable activities and games, coloring pages and lots more. Scroll down to find your favorite free Trolls printables. Enjoy!

Trolls Invitations

Here's our new Trolls invitation template. It's colorful and easy to print and fill out. This birthday invitation measures 5 x 7 (it's actually a little shy of 7) and you can reduce size in printer settings for a smaller version.

Free Trolls Thank-You Tags

Grab these free Trolls thank-you tags which coordinate with our free Trolls Invitation template above. Each printable tag measures 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) wide and print 15 per sheet. 

Trolls Thank-You Stickers

I love the Trolls theme soooo much, I decided to make a second set of matching printables. These free Trolls stickers measure 2 inches and print 12 per sheet. Print on sticker sheet to use as stickers or punch small hole on top and put ribbon through hole to use as tags. Either way, they're lots of fun and best of all....they're free! Have an awesome party!

Trolls Poppy Bracelet

Play pretend with our new Trolls Poppy bracelet. They're colorful and fun, just like Poppy. These printable bracelets are perfect for party guests, playdates, and pretend play. They are also great for water bottle labels and as napkin rings for a Trolls table setting. Just wrap bracelet around napkin and silverware and voila! I know all you creative artists out there will come up with more ways to use them (cupcake wrappers?, etc.). Download your Trolls bracelets here. For best results, print on bright white heavy card stock. For a longer play life, laminate them with clear book cover paper.

Trolls Poppy Wig

This Trolls Poppy wig is perfect to get into character. It's bright and colorful and the headband is sewn in, so it will stay in place. Get details and purchase your Poppy wig here.

Trolls Poppy Headband

What Trolls Poppy lovin' fan can resist Poppy's beautiful flower headband? Now you can have them with the touch of a button. This sparkly blue flower headband is great for playing pretend. Download your Trolls Poppy headband and play the day away. As always, remember to print on bright white heavy card stock and laminate for a longer play life.

Trolls Printables

Have fun with this connect-the-dots activity sheet with the Trolls twins and Smidge. This Trolls printable is great for playdates, party favors or just plain fun! 

Trolls Water Bottle Labels

If there's a staple at a kids birthday party, it's water! We made these cute free Trolls printable labels with little ones in mind. They measure 1.5 inches high which is perfect for the little water bottles. They come in 2 colors, neon green and light blue and print 6 labels per page. Download Troll water bottle labels and enjoy!

Trolls Picture Frame

OOOh! Look how pretty this Trolls digital picture frame is! It's digital which means you can add your child's picture right on the computer. You can also print it and then add the photo. This Trolls frame prints large enough to almost cover an 8.5 x 11 printer paper, but you can resize it to make it smaller. Best's free! Woohoo!

Here's an example with photo added. It's like magic! and it's so easy to do. This will bring Troll little fans instant joy! If you're not sure how to add the photo on the computer, remember, you can always print it first and then add the photo. Your child will love to see themselves with the Trolls. Have fun!

Trolls Invitation 

Start your Trolls party planning with this festive Trolls chalkboard invitation template. It's colors and glitter bunting set the stage for the fun that's to come. Download your Trolls birthday invitation here.

Here's a Trolls invitation filled out so you can see how pretty it looks. 

Trolls Chalkboard Thank-You Tags

Here are the new Trolls printable thank-you tags to coordinate with the Trolls chalkboard invitation template above and you can download them here. Each tag is 1.75 inches (4.45 cm) wide x 3.2 inches (8.1 cm) tall and they print 12 per sheet.

Trolls Thank-You Stickers

Here is our latest Trolls thank-you design. These labels are 2.5 inches in diameter and can be used as stickers or tags. Use a 2.5 hole punch to cut out. Click on image to download.

Trolls Cake Topper

Need to decorate a Trolls cake quickly? Turn any cake into a Trolls Cake with our free printable. With all the adorable Trolls characters, this free cake topper will delight little Trolls fans. Use one of the backgrounds featured on this page and print on the back of the cake topper if you would like to cover the back. Click here to get your cake topper.

Here's a close-up of the printable Trolls Cake Topper. Just print, cut and place on cake with thin wooden sticks of sturdy straws. 

Trolls Rainbow Background

This Trolls Rainbow hair background is so colorful and versatile. Great for lots of projects like scrapbooking and invitations. Click here to download this free Trolls printable pattern. 

Trolls Photo Booth Props

Hot off the press!  These Trolls photo booth props for kids will be the hit of the party. Kids love to act silly and take funny pictures and with this free Trolls printable, they will have tons of fun. Both Branch and Poppy photo booth props come with their own nose. Download Poppy printable here, and Branch printable here. Note that each printable prints in a standard 8.5 x 11.5 copy paper (which means they're meant for our little Trolls fans).

Here's a peek at what they look like.

Trolls Movie Games

Here are some fun DreamWorks Trolls movie games for movie night. There are fun coloring, cupcake decorating and dance move ideas to make watching the movie extra fun!

Trolls Movie Blu-Ray Games

As if this movie wasn't already full of awesome fun, here's an extra special treat for a cool Trolls movie night. But this one is only with the Blu-Ray PARTY EDITION version. Don't have it yet? Get it here.

Trolls Movie Party Edition

Bring happy home with the Trolls Party Edition BLU-RAY & DVD. Click on image below for details.

Trolls Printable Games

Have fun with the Trolls playing this fun dice game. Print and cut out, then roll the 2 dice and see what activity you have to do (sing, dance, etc.) and who do you have to do it with (sibling, friend, etc.). It also brings a blank dice so you can fill in with your favorite activities and people. Download Trolls printable and start the fun!

Trolls Memory Match Game

Kids will love this Trolls memory match game. It comes with 3 challenge levels and 3 different images. The easy version has 16 squares, the second version has 20 squares and the last level has 24 squares. Every time you complete a level, it goes to the next level. This is tons of fun for all Trolls fans.

Play Trolls Memory Game Now!

And we love it so much, we made a printable version of the game (see below).

Trolls Memory Match Printable 

We couldn't get enough of the Trolls memory match online game so we decided to make a printable version. Get your Trolls printable game here.

Trolls Connect-the-Dots

Guess who it could be! Poppy is just too cute for words. Have fun connecting the dots! Get Poppy and Branch connect-the-dots printable here.

Trolls Printable Games

Here's a fun activity for little ones. You have to find cloud guy! Download  printable here.

Trolls Word Search

This fun Trolls word search comes with 12 colorful words to entertain your little ones. These are also great for birthdays party activity, party favors or just on the go. Click on image for download.

Trolls Coloring Page

Check out our new Trolls happy birthday coloring page. We designed it exclusively to celebrate the birthday of Trolls fans. Come color with Poppy, Branch and the rest of the trolls. Lots of fun designs and characters. Download Trolls Coloring Page here.

Trolls Happy Birthday

Trolls fans will love to celebrate their birthday with Poppy and DJ. We designed this Trolls happy birthday coloring page with little ones in mind. Fun shapes and characters with a pretty happy birthday sign to color as well. Download Poppy Happy Birthday coloring page here.

Trolls Colouring Page

Personalize your Trolls coloring page with this fun printable. Child can write their name on the line, color and celebrate with Poppy, Guy Diamond, Branch, Biggie & Mr. Dinkles. Get your free Trolls printable here.

Trolls Coloring Pages

Ooh! I love to color! These Trolls coloring pages are perfect any day of the week, especially with their vibrant colors. Download the entire Trolls printable coloring pages and have fun!

Trolls Coloring Pages

Look at these fun Trolls coloring pages from Crayola. You get Poppy, Harper, Biggie and Mr. Dinkles. Download all 3 here.

Free Trolls Coloring Pages

If your little ones love the Trolls movie, they will love these free Trolls coloring pages! These We made these 4  coloring pages include Poppy, DJ Suki, Cooper and Aspen Heitz riding his skitterboard. Download all 4 printable pages here.

Trolls Printable Party Kit

Woohoo! If you have access to a printer, then you are reeeaaady for a Trolls party! This Trolls printable party pack from Dreamworks is awesome and FREE!

Trolls party Kit includes

❤️ 2 Party Invitations

❤️ Pin the Hair on the Troll Game

❤️ Party Labels in Six Styles - Great for food labels, name tags, etc.

❤️ Cupcake Toppers (8 different characters)

❤️ Printable Birthday Banner in 2 Styles (blank and with characters)

❤️ Troll Party Food, Activities and Decoration Ideas

I posted the images below so you could see it all at a glance. Download the entire FREE Dreamworks Trolls Party Kit here.

Trolls Invitations 

Pin the Hair on the Troll

Troll Party Ideas

Trolls Party Invitations

Trolls Cupcake Toppers

Trolls Party Labels

Trolls Birthday Banner

Trolls Bookmarks

Love these colorful printable Trolls bookmarks. Great for school, party favors and all Trolls fans. Click image for download.

Trolls Cake Ideas

Here are some great Trolls cake ideas to inspire you. They are beautiful, festive and creative. Click on images for source.

Poppy Cake

Love this beautiful Poppy cake from Fernanda Abarca. The details are beautiful and I love the glittery cheeks.

Trolls 2-Tier Cake

Troll Cake Topper

Here's an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your Trolls cake. This 2-piece Trolls cake topper will make any cake come alive with happiness. Click here for details.

Beautiful Trolls cake by francescasugar. This 2-tier Poppy cake is colorful and very original design. I'm sure Poppy fans would love to have this cake for their birthday.

Trolls Scrapbook

Oooh! Look how much fun this is! It's a Trolls online scrapbook-making game from Dreamworks, and it's free! You can change the pictures and backgrounds as many times as you like and then print it.

It's so much fun with 8 pages (front cover, back cover and 6 pages) to decorate and insert your own pictures (14 photos). You get tons of colorful and whimsical background options, each with it's own unique caption like "LOL", "All Hail Me" "Selfie" and lots more.

This Trolls online game also brings 5 title themes to choose from:

  • Memories
  • My Friends
  • Vacation
  • My Family
  • Pets

This is a sample of the pages.

This is the first page after the book cover. See the 5 squares on the bottom? Those are the pattern choices for page 1 and 2. Each 2 pages has a set of unique Trolls patterns to choose from. The picture frame squares (with the camera icon) is where you insert your pictures. Make sure to have them on your computer for easy access.

Each page has 5 scrapbook backgrounds to choose from and each come with it's own captions.

Such a great idea for a thank-you gift! Take pictures during the party or get-together then make this for each guest as a thank-you. What a wonderful gift to preserve the memories and what a nice after-party surprise to receive in the mail. Love it!

When you're done, just print and fold.

It even brings picture instructions on how to fold. And when you're done, you have your very own Trolls scrapbook. Too cute! So if your'e ready to get started click here and let the fun begin!

Update: Unfortunately, Dreamworks no longer has the online Trolls scrapbook creator, but here is a quick video on how to make your own Trolls scrapbook.

And if you want the off-line scrapbook version, look at this Trolls scrapbook kit. I didn't even know this existed! Kids will absolutely love this kit.

Trolls Scrapbook Kit

Wow! Your Trolls fan will have hours of fun with this awesome scrapbook kit. Get details for this Trolls Kit here.


  • Trolls Stickers to Color
  • 64 Crayons
  • 12 Colored Pencils
  • 20 Markers
  • 3 Glitter Glue Tubes
  • Glitter Sticker Sheet
  • Scrapbook Paper

And it all comes in a carrying case for easy storage and travel. What a great gift idea.

Trolls Desk Buddies Craft

Here's a fun craft from DreamWorks. These Trolls Desk buddies are fun to make and keep kids company while at their desk. Great as a birthday party activity. Make by using paper plates and cutting out the printables.Click here to download.

Comes with instructions for cutting and glueing. Add felt and glitter for added bling.

Poppy Talking Doll

This adorable Poppy talking plush doll says cute phrases from the  movie and the sound is clear. Comes with a comb for styling her hair. To cute! Click here for details.

Trolls Hug Time Bracelet

Cut and color this fun Trolls hug time bracelet then glue together and it's ready to wear! Click image for the free printable craft.

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