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Free Disney Font

OVER 90 DISNEY FONTS! What's better than a free Disney font? MORE free Disney fonts! Here's the new Disney fonts collage for 2016! We absolutely love all things Disney and creating with these cool fonts is so much fun! There's so much you can do with fonts like invitations, name tags, party labels and tons more. Best part of about it is that they are all free (for personal use)! 

Disney Fonts

Disney Fonts

Above are some of the new Disney fonts with some of the classics. And below are our original fonts. Scroll down to see our complete list of all Disney fonts to date. And make sure to come back when the latest Disney movies come out for more new fonts.

Disney Font

We're so excited to share with you these cool free Disney font ideas. We searched high and low to find "the" specific font for each Disney movie and/or character. Why? Because we want you to have an "awesome" party and part of that is attention to detail.  Details are an element of great kids birthday parties that don't shout out "here we are" but get noticed anyway.

For the fonts that were not available, we researched (and researched!) and found the closest fonts to the original.   

Below is our list of the Top 90+ Free Disney Font types, including Disney Princess, Mickey, Minnie, Frozen, Sofia the First, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Wreck-It Ralph and many more. 

Get creative with these Disney-inspired fonts to make your own Disney magic!  There are many ways to use these cool fonts and here are some ideas:

  • Party Invitations
  • Birthday Cards
  • Party Labels
  • Food Labels
  • Fun Stickers
  • Water Bottle Labels
  • Name Tags
  • Thank-You Cards
  • Birthday Banners
  • Decorations
  • Cupcake Wrappers
  • Cupcake Toppers
  • Napkin Rings
  • Candy Bar wrappers
  • Printables
  • Scrapbooking
  • Classroom Parties

Here's an example of how to  use fonts.  Above are Cars themed stickers using a fun kids font.

Here's a Tinker Bell Thank You label using the same font as the first Tinker Bell font.  Download these labels HERE.

Disney Font

Aren't These Fonts Beautiful?

Yes, Yes, Yes!, I want to plan a party with each one of these themes.  I'm so proud of these fonts and if I can do it, you can do it too!  I am no graphic designer, far from it, but what I do have is immense passion for all things Disney and kids birthday parties.  You don't need to purchase any special software or join anything to be able to do this.

Some fonts like Mickey and Minnie are straight fonts, that is, you just type what you want in that font and you're done.  Some fonts are just fun, like the Toy Story font.  

These fonts look great just the way they are but if you want to dazzle them up a bit, you need an extra step and I will teach you how to do it.  A good example of this is Pirates of the Caribbean.  If you just type your text in this pirate font (Caribbean), it looks like the one below.  And this looks great just as is.

Please note that these fonts are for personal use only.

However, if you want to give it a more authentic feel, you can dress it up a bit by:

  1. Increasing the size of the the letters "P" and "C"
  2. Decreasing the size of "of the" and changing the font to Snell Roundhand
  3. For the background, I used the burnt edge paper look that comes with "Pages", a software that comes with my Mac (I love my Mac).  If you have a PC,  your computer probably comes with some similar software.  Look for a place where you can add borders or frames to your text.
  4. Finally, I chose a "goldish" color to fill the background.

 And this is how it turns out, pretty cool right?

Downloading Fonts

A few notes regarding downloading fonts

  • ALL the fonts on this page are FREE.
  • Need Adobe Reader (it's free), can download HERE
  • Some names have a combination of fonts (like Beauty and the Beast font).  In this case the font links will be below the name.
  • Most font downloads work for both Mac and PC.  Some will have a choice of Mac or PC that you can click on.
  • Look out for advertising download buttons.  Sometimes they are placed near the font and it looks like that is the font download button.
  • Check your font once you have downloaded it to make sure it downloaded correctly. 

Some of the clipart in the fonts below are free and can be found HERE 

Free Disney Font Samples

Click on images for free font download

101 Dalmatians Font

Aladdin Font

Jasmine Font

Alice in Wonderland Font

Alice in Wonderland font

Aristocats Font

Beauty and theBeast Font

Beauty and the Beast Font

"Beauty" Free Disney Font Link

"and the Beast" Free Disney Font Link

Beauty and the Beast Font 2

Brave Font

Brave Font

Cars Font

Cars Font

Lightning McQueen  Font

Lightning McQueen Font

Radiator Springs Font

Chuggington Font

Cinderella Font

Cinderella Font

Coco Font

Dinosaur Font

Dinosaur Font

After clicking on Dinosaur image link above, select "DEJA VU LGC SERIF BOLD" font to reproduce Dinosaur Font above.

Dinosaur Font

The Good Dinosaur Font

Disney Font

Disney Font

Disney Font

Free Disney Font

Doc McStuffins FONT - Download Doc McStuffins FREE font.  Make birthday party invitations, party labels, stickers, water bottle labels, cupcake toppers and lots more!

Doc McStuffins Font

"Doc" Font Link

"McStuffins" Font Link

Here is our version of the Disney Elena of Avalor font. The actual font is not currently available so I decided to make several logos that have the look & feel of the original. I couldn't decide which one I liked better so I made them all. You can click here for the Elena of Avalor logo background. Remember to click on image for font download. Make birthday party invitations, printable party labels, stickers and so much more. Have fun creating your own Elena of Avalor printables.

The diamond dot inside the "O" doesn't come with the font so I am sharing mine. Just right-click and save.

Elena of Avalor Font

Elena of Avalor Font 2

Elena of Avalor Font 3

Emperor's New Groove Font

"EMPEROR'S" Free Disney Font Link

"NEW GROOVE" Free Disney Font Link

Finding Nemo Font

New Frozen Font

I cannot contain my excitement!!! This new Frozen font by Kustren is absolutely gorgeous!! If you're a frequent visitor of our Free Disney Font page, you know that we love fonts! We made this quick Frozen logo using the new font so you could see how beautiful it is! And the best part about it is that it's free!  

Want to share what you made with this cute font? Send us a photo of your creation and we'll be sure to post it on our Frozen Font Page (Yes!, we have a page dedicated just to the Frozen font....because we love fonts!). Click on the Frozen image below for download. Now go grab that font and start creating!

Frozen Font

Frozen FontFrozen Font

Frozen Font 2

Frozen Font 3

Goofy Font

Handy Manny Font

Download Handy Manny Font Screws & Bolt Here

Hercules Font

Inside Out Font

IRON MAN Font - FREE Download - Make invitations, party labels, stickers, water bottle labels and lots more!


Jake and the Never Land Pirates Font - Download this FREE font for your next pirate party.  Make invitations, party labels, name tags, stickers, party favor labels and lots more.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Font

Jungle Book Font

The Jungle Book Font 2

Lilo and Stitch Font

Lion King Font

OOOH! So excited to show you the new Little Mermaid font by Kustren. It's absolutely beautiful! And, if you don't need the entire alphabet and only want your name, you can do that too. You get to pick the color and size (up to size 200).

Little Mermaid Font

Little Mermaid Font

The Little Mermaid Font

Ariel Font

Ariel Font

Maleficent Font

Tip: Use capitals to get the letter A like in the image above.

Mary Poppins Font

Mickey Font

Mickey Font

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Font

I've had multiple requests for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Font and I finally made it. Click image above for the clubhouse font download. One little glitch - the font does not come with the lower case letter "e". So I found a similar "e" which you can get here. Otherwise, the font will look like the one below. Either way, it's still cute. For the Mickey Mouse font you can use this one or this one. The first one will give you the positioning like the logo and the second one will give you the "S" like the "S" in Mouse. And again, they're both cute. Enjoy!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sign

Don't have time to make your own Mickey Mouse clubhouse sign? Let us make it for you. Check out the details here.

Miles From Tomorrowland Font

Miles Font

From Tomorrowland Font

Minnie Font

Minnie Font

Moana Font

Hooray! Moana font is finally available for free here, however this one does not include the numbers, only the alphabet. If you need the numbers, you can purchase the font  from various sellers (see 2nd update below).

MOANA Font Generator

Ooh! Look How Pretty

I kid you not when I tell you that you can make this EXACT font with any name you want by just clicking a few buttons! If you have a Moana fan in your life, they will love to see their name in the Moana font style. Now, this is not your traditional font alphabet...it's better! And much easier if all you need is a name. It's a font generator and all you do is enter the name and choose color and style and VOILA! For the one above, just go here and pick the Disney Moana font, enter 200 for font size, for effect enter "texture blue watercolor" and choose a color (I used an aqua blue). Then click "generate" and save. 

Update - Unfortunately, the font above is no longer available. Check back with them to see if it becomes available again.

2nd Update - The actual font is now available for purchase from different sellers on Etsy. Make sure to know the difference between "fonts" (actual alphabet) and "clipart" (images) before purchase. 

Moana Font

This Moana font has the traditional alphabet and you can get it here, if you would like the entire alphabet. But, if all you need is the name, then you can go here and choose the font "flat earth scribe", enter 200 font size, choose "texture wood E" and color. Make sure to enter lowercase for the "O" and 2 "A's". And there you have it. Enjoy!

Monster's Inc. Font

FREE Monsters University FONT – Download this free font and use to make invitations, decorations, party labels, stickers, water bottle labels, name tags and lots more.  Over 60 FREE Disney Fonts here.

Monsters University Font

"Monsters" Font Link

"University" Font Link

Mulan Font

The Muppets Font

Oz The Great and Powerful Font

Peter Pan Font

Disney's Phineas and Ferb Font - Download this free font for your Phineas and Ferb birthday party.  Make invitations, stickers, party labels, name tags, thank-you labels, water bottle labels more!

Phineas and Ferb Font

Pinocchio Font

Pirates of the Caribbean Font

Pirates of the Caribbean Font

Free Disney Planes Font - Over 60 Disney Fonts, download free.

Disney Planes Font

Free Disney Planes Chrome Font - Learn how to make your text in chrome, it's easy and fun.

Disney Planes Logo (Chrome)

Above are 2 Disney Planes fonts, the first one is the actual font in grey, the 2nd is a similar font in chrome.  If you want the chrome effect and don't mind that it's not the exact same font, then click on the image to begin making your name.  The "Chrome" logo has already been chosen. Type your text and choose "Erasbold" for the font if you want it to look like the one above, otherwise there are lots of fonts to choose from.  For the logo outline, pick white and for the background you can pick either white or transparent, depending on how you plan to use the font.  Click here if you would like the logo without the text. Please note that the original logo belongs to Disney and is only for personal use.

Free Disney Fonts - Pocahontas Font, free download.

Pocahontas Font

Princess and the Frog

Princess and the Frog Font

Sleeping Beauty Font

"S" Free Disney Font Link

Disney Princess Font

Sleeping Beauty Font

Snow White Font

Snow White Font

Snow White Font

Sofia the First Font

Sofia the First

"Sofia the First" Font

"Once Upon A Princess" Font

See picture tutorial on our Sofia the First Font Page HERE

Tangled Font

Tangled Font

Tarzan Font

Tarzan Font

The Incredibles Font

New TinkerBell Font

OOOH! Here's the new TinkerBell font!!! It's beautiful and made by Kustren from Deviantart. I dropped everything to make this quick TinkerBell logo so you could see how pretty it is. It's free to download so go get it and start making some pixie dust magic!

tinkerbell fontTinkerBell Font

Tinker Bell Font

Tinker Bell Font


Tinker Bell Font

"T" Free Disney Font Link

"inker Bell" Free Disney Font Link

Tinker Bell Font

Tinker Bell Font

Tinker Bell Pirate Fairy Font

Here's the scroll banner we made for the Tinker Bell pirate fairy font above. You can download it here.  We made it huge (about the width of a sheet of paper) so it can be used for larger things like centerpieces. For smaller size, like the one above, just reduce the size on your printer options.

Toy Story Font

Toy Story Font

"TOY" Free Disney Font Link

"STORY" Free Disney Font Link

Toy Story Font

Toy Story Font

Toy Story Font


"TRON" Free Disney Font Link

"UPRISING" Free Disney Font Link

Up Font

Vampirina Font

Hi guys! Here's our fang-tastic new Disney friend, Vampirina! The font you see in th image below is a similar font  and I think does the trick for most projects. However, if you are set on having the "actual" font, it's available on Etsy (see 2nd link below). Disclaimer-I have not purchased this font and don't know how well it works, you can always contact designer if you have any questions.

Vampirina Font

Free Vampirina Font (shown above)

Vampirina Inspired Font (Not Free)


Pooh Font

Pooh Font

Pooh Font

wreck-it ralph font

Wreck-It Ralph Font

Zootopia Font

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