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Looking for X-MEN Party Invitations?

Children love X-MEN and with the release of the X-MEN: Days of Future Past movie, kids will be asking for an X-MEN birthday party.  This hit movie has a list of awesome characters and is definitely action-packed!

Party planning begins with super cool birthday invitations, but "super cool" can get pricey at times.   We want to have a great birthday party without breaking the bank, so begin your party planning with our free X-MEN party invitations.  

We love this easy fill-in-the-blank X-Men party invitation template.  It shows some of the main characters of the X-Men movie including Wolverine, Beast, Cyclops and Iceman.  Click on image below for free download.  There are 4 invitations per page.

Please note that the character images are the property of Marvel Comics

X-MEN Ticket Invitations

Look at these X-Men ticket invitations below.  Don't they look great?  These custom-made and personalized X-MEN party invitations look like they were bought but guess what?  They're free and you can make them in minutes......really!!!

Are you ready to make your own X-MEN Party invitations? 

We love making these ticket invitations because they are so easy and fast to make and absolutely free. And because you can add your own photo and party details, these invitations really look custom-made and personalized.

These birthday invitations are made with free online templates where you insert your own photo and party information. They come in 9 different styles with different fonts and color choices. Browse the different styles and colors to see all options.

Before you begin have one or several pictures ready on your desktop or where you keep your pictures. Your picture can be anything you want it to be. It can be the cartoon version of X-MEN or the movie X-MEN characters or your child's picture.  It's easy to change the size (smaller or larger) of your picture with the user-friendly editing tool. You get better results making your picture smaller because making it bigger may make your image blurry. However, try to keep your picture no larger than 600 pixels because sometimes the picture won't even load if it's too large. The editing tool also let's you rotate your picture, which comes in handy to get the best look.

Check out the fonts before you type your party information because if you decide to change fonts after you've typed in your information it will delete it and you will have to re-type it again. What we like to do is type a word or 2 and try each font to see which one looks the best. Colors can be changed before and/or after you type your birthday information; it will not delete your info.

So if you're ready to begin click here. You can print 1 or up to 4 invitations per page, To achieve a more professional look, we recommend printing the invitations on card stock.

Below each sample ticket is a short caption, letting you know which ticket style we used. We also recommend that you check out the fonts and color options of each style you are interested in before you start. Each style has a select number of color and font possibilities. For example, only some styles have the Disney font and only some styles have a particular color.

This top birthday invitation was made using Ticket Invitation 9.  This is the only style that has color options for the top color(red) and the bottom color(blue).  The picture was something we put together using clipart and a sunburst background. We have posted them here for your personal use. Click on images for free download.

Wolverine Clipart

X-MEN Logo

Blue Comic Bubble

Yellow Sunburst Background

We made this X-MEN party invitation above using Ticket Invitation 3 with the black color option.  Notice that we made this exact invitation in the original ticket invitation sample using the burgundy option. 

See something familiar?  This 2-tone invitation above was made using Ticket Invitation 9.

X-MEN Comic Strip Invitation

Turn your birthday invitation into a comic strip using this fun & free Marvel comic strip creator.  It's easy to create your own custom-made and personalized invitation that kids will love to receive.

Start by choosing from 8 different layout styles (picture below) from 1 panel up to 4 panels.  We used the 3-panel style (circled in red) to make our sample birthday invitation above.

And now the fun part begins!  Once you choose your layout style (above), you will be at a screen similar to the one pictured below.  Here is where your creativity can shine.  In fact, if your child is older and would like to participate in their party planning, this would be a fun thing for them to do as well as some parent-child bonding time.  You will have the option to choose from the following elements:

Backgrounds - There is a variety to choose from:

  • Cities
  • Landscapes,
  • Planes
  • Trains
  • Helicopters
  • Space
  • Underwater and more.

Backgrounds can be resized (larger or smaller) and can also be rotated.

Characters - Lots of Marvel characters including:

  • Captain America
  • Spider-Man
  • Ironman
  • Wolverine and other X-Men characters 
  • Hulk
  • Thor
  • Falcon
  • Storm
  • Thing 
  • And lots more!

Add characters by dragging the character to the comic strip panel.  Be careful when repositioning it because when you move the image from the corners, it moves in all directions.  So you can make the image longer or wider to fit your design.

Word Bubbles (dialogue) - 18 different blank word bubbles where you can add words and party information.

Sound Effects - BAM!! WHAMM! WHOOSH!, cool action words.

Text Editor - Let's you choose:

  • Comic fonts
  • Text size
  • Text color 
  • And place text to the left, center or right.

You also have the option of placing your selections in front or behind other selections.  For example, you can put your character in front of a word bubble.  You can change this by using the squares icon under the word "TOOLS" on the left (see picture blow).  Use the "X" to delete.  So if you're ready to start click here and let your imagination soar.

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