Fancy Nancy Party

Ooh La La!! Ready to throw a fantastique Fancy Nancy party? Bonjour mes amis! Welcome to our party page full of "fancy" birthday party ideas fo r you next Fancy Nancy Party! It's just not for birthdays, it's for sleepovers, movie night, tea time, pretend play, and so much more! It's a world of pretend and butterflies and glittery stuff but mainly it's about having a wonderful time (without breaking the bank)!

So excited to design these fun party printables to bring you the most "sublime" Fancy Nancy party printables! So let's go explore and remember to watch Fancy Nancy's new TV series on Disney Jr.

Fancy Nancy Invitation 

Planning your Fancy Nancy party? Ooh La La, Darling! Come this way and download our newly designed Free Fancy Nancy invitation! This magnifique printable invitation is perfect for any of Fancy Nancy's party themes like birthday party, tea party or boutique party, just to name a few. Our mission is to keep you on budget while still having a lovely (and awesome) party.

Free printable Fancy Nancy Birthday Invitation Template for Fancy Nancy Party.Fancy Nancy Invitation Template

Fancy Nancy Online Invitation

Do you prefer to do invitations online? Here's a beautiful Fancy Nancy invitation from Punchbowl that is perfect and free. Just fill in the party information, and you have your invitation in minutes. Then just simply email to your guests and you can check the invitations off your to-do list! Click here to make your own party invitation.

Fancy Nancy Sleepover Invitation

Planning a Fancy Nancy Sleepover? If so, then this sleepover invitation is perfect! Your little guests will love receiving this beautiful fuchsia (Nancy's favorite color) invite with butterflies (she adores butterflies). Click on image for free download. 

Fancy Nancy Sleepover Invites

Fancy Nancy Crown

Couldn't resist to make this Fancy Nancy crown photo booth prop designed from inspiration from the adorable crown that she often wears. Great for making memories at a photo booth station at a Fancy Nancy birthday party. Get your free crown printable and have a fantastique celebration!

Fancy Nancy Crown Photo Booth Prop at KidsPartyWorks.Com. Free Printable

Fancy Nancy Coloring Page

Get fancy with Nancy and have fun coloring with our newly designed FREE Fancy Nancy coloring page. Fans of this adorable little girl will love to color this fantastique printable and add their name. You can download the free printable here. This coloring page is perfect for party favors or entertainment for a Fancy Nancy party. Have fun!

Free fancy nancy coloring page to personalize with your name.Fancy Nancy Coloring Page

Butterly Stickers

Ooh! Papillon! (that's french for butterfly). Nancy would love these printable butterflies to decorate her cupcakes. Can you see them at her tea parties? These colorful butterflies instantly decorate any cupcake. They are also great as stickers, just print on sticker paper and cut out. This free printable brings 12 pretty butterflies and you can download them here.

Butterfly Cupcake Toppers Printable

Fancy Nancy Coloring Pages

Ooh Look! Love this new Fancy Nancy coloring page from Disney. You can color online and print and share it, or you can print this beautiful free coloring page and color the very bejeweled Nancy and her butterfly. The online version brings multiple colors to choose from and an airbrush pattern (like 2 of the pearls below). Either way, kids will have tons of fun coloring her. Click here to visit Disney site.

Bonjour Fancy Nancy

If your child is a Fancy Nancy fan, they will absolutely love this beautiful coloring page from Disney! It's full of every little detail from her crown to her fancy bracelets. Print 2 and make it a parent-child bonding time! Use glitter crayons for extra sparkle, just like Nancy. Click on the image to download your free printable.

Fancy Nancy Coloring Page

Jo Jo Coloring Page

Here's the new Jo Jo coloring page from the Fancy Nancy's new show on Disney Jr. She is Nancy's adorable little sister who absolutely loves pirates! Color this free coloring page online and then print or share. You can also print it in black and white and then color it. Click here for free download from Disney.

Free Fancy Nancy Coloring Page

Make Fancy Nancy colorful with this fun and free printable coloring page. Click here to download free printable.

Free Fancy Nancy coloring page for kids to color from the new Disney Jr. show.

Fancy Butterflies

If you have a Fancy Nancy fan at home, they will love these beautiful free printable butterflies. These pretty butterflies were designed by us with inspiration from Fancy Nancy's bedroom. They come in 8 colors and 3 sizes, and you can download them here

Fancy Nancy Certificate of Excellence

Show your little fancy guests that they are fashionable and fantastique with this Fancy Nancy Certificate fo Excellence! Click on image for free download.

Fancy Nancy Mermaid Coloring Page

Dance with Nancy with this beautiful mermaid ballet coloring page from the book Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet. With her fancy headpiece and her shell top, little ones will have lots of fun coloring with Nancy. Click on image for free download.

Free Fancy Nancy mermaid ballet coloring page for kids to color from the new Disney Jr. show.

Fancy Nancy Butterfly Printable

Bonjour Butterfly! This is a fun printable from Disney. Its a coloring page and an activity sheet in one. You get to design the other half of the butterfly wings, either matching the left or creating your own. Fun to do with glitter crayons for some added sparkle just like Fancy Nancy.

Fancy Nancy Activity Page

Fancy Nancy Printable

What should Nancy wear? Help Nancy pick out the perfect outfit to wear for each event. Click on image for free download.

Tea Party Butterfly Placemat

Ooh Look! Fancy Nancy is creating new fans, especially since her new show aired on Disney Jr. I absolutely adore her and was so inspired by the Fancy Nancy Tea Parties book, that I decided to make this fun (and free) tea party butterfly placemat coloring page just like in the book for our little fans. See below for a similar printable placemat for order kids (has beautiful gems to color).

Kids will have fun coloring this Free printable Fancy Nancy Tea Parties butterfly placemat just like in the book.Fancy Nancy Tea Parties Butterfly Placemat

Fancy Nancy Placemat

I am SO excited to share this Fancy Nancy printable butterfly placemat that we designed. I designed this free tea party placemat coloring page with beautiful gems to color, just like in the Fancy Nancy Tea Parties book. This one is more for older kids since the gems are more detailed. Hope you and your little ones have fun coloring and spending time together.

Kids will have fun coloring this Free printable Fancy Nancy Tea Parties butterfly placemat with beautiful gems, just like in the book.

Fancy Nancy Connect the Dots

Help Nancy, Mrs. Divine and Jewel complete this fun ride. This divine printable activity is from the boo "Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy" book. C'est tres facile, just click on image for free download.

Fancy Nancy Counting Game

This counting and coloring page is perfect for little ones. Pretty pictures to color including Nancy's dog, Frenchy, and butterflies which she absolutely adores. Click on image to print and color.

Fancy Nancy Activity

Fancy Nancy Fashion Boutique

What's in Fancy Nancy's Purse? This is such an adorable printable game, great to entertain guests or roll up as a party favor with some pretty ribbon. Click on image for free download.

Fancy Nancy Glasses

C'est magnifique! So excited to show you our newly designed Fancy Nancy printable glasses! So much fun for pretend play and we made 2 sizes so little ones can use them as a mask or as glasses. Download your free Fancy Nancy printable glasses and hope you have a fantastique day!

Fancy Nancy Photo Booth Props

Ooh La La! Are you ready to get fancy? Grab our free 10-piece Fancy Nancy Photo Booth Props set and prepare to transform your guests into magnifique fanciness! Kids will love all the fancy props including tea cups, glasses and of course, pearls!

Butterfly Craft

Make a beautiful butterfly mobile with this free printable from Scholastic. It includes 3 butterflies in 3 sizes with different designs. Use crayons or markers to make your own colorful design. Use a straw and string to hang your butterfly mobile. This butterfly printable is perfect for playdates, just print one per child and they each get to go home with a decoration to hang in their favorite place. Click on image to get yours. Note -  You need to register with Scholastic (it's free) to get this printable but they have such great educational printables that I think it's well worth it to join. Have fun!

butterfly craft & coloring page

Stiletto Cupcakes

I absolutely LOVE Elise from My Cupcake Addiction! She is amazing at making beautiful edible creations! What I love most about her (everything!) is that she shows you all the tools and ingredients you'll need for the project, then shows you every step until completion.

What's fancier than high-heel shoes at a fancy party? Watch this video and see how you too can make these beautiful shoe cupcakes which are magnifique for a Fancy Nancy party. This is so much fun!

Shoe Cupcakes 

I've added this shoe cupcake video because they make them a little different and thought it wold be fun to compare and see which one you like best.

Fancy Nancy Cake

Ooh! Look how pretty! Love this idea with the "fluttering" butterflies and the ruffled skirt. This Fancy Nancy cake is colorful and whimsical and perfect for a Fancy Nancy party!

Creamy Strawberry Pops

Here's an easy treat that is also fancy! This recipe is sweet and creamy and will delight your fancy little guests. Tip: Add colorful sprinkles or nonpareils to make them extra fancy! We love these because they have shaped sprinkles and confetti. This is so much fun!!

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