Paw Patrol Birthday

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Get ready for a PAWtastic Paw Patrol birthday party! This is such a fun party with so many great ideas and free printables including invitations, stickers, party labels, centerpieces, coloring pages, decorations, activity sheets and lots more! Get ideas for your Paw Patrol cake, party games, party food and printable masks. You'll find everything you need for a PAWsome party!

Before we get to all the cool things available for a Paw Patrol birthday party, have you decided on your color scheme? This is one of those fun parties where there are a lot of possibilities. If you've ever done a Superhero party, you know what I'm talking about. And with 8 characters, all with their own color scheme, it can get a bit overwhelming. So before you start to scroll down and start downloading and printing everything on site, we suggest you know these 3 things:

  1. Number of guests (how many boys, how many girls) - This will determine how many of each "thing" you need and how much party space may be needed.
  2. Location - You want to make sure you have enough decorations, but not too many. And the size of the space can help decide what kinds of party games you may want to play. 
  3. Color Scheme - You can go with the red, blue and yellow (or white) that is more like the Paw Patrol logo below.

Or use any color combination from the Paw Patrol characters seen below.

If you're new to the Paw Patrol phenomenon, here's a quick rundown of the characters. If you know all about the Paw Patrol series, then scroll on down to start your party planning.

PAW Patrol is action-adventure preschool cartoon series starring a pack of rescue puppies: Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble and Skye, who are led by 10 year old named Ryder. Each pup is inspired by a real-world job like fire fighter, police officer and construction worker. When trouble strikes Adventure Bay, they're there to save the day! 

PAW Patrol Characters


A 10 year old boy who is a computer tech-wiz and an inventor. He also leads the Paw Patrol team.


Dalmatian fire pup who rides a fire truck.


German Shepard police pup who rides a police truck.


Labrador water rescuer pup who lives in his boathouse and rides a hovercraft.


English Bulldog pup who rides a construction digger.


Mixed breed recycling pup with plenty of tools his pup sack. 


Cockapoo pup who flies in a helicopter or with the wings in her pup pack.


Husky pup is the newest member of Paw Patrol and she's all about snow.


Newest member of the team. Has a compass pup tag and pup pack with multi-tool and cables.

Paw Patrol Paw Prints 

Having a Paw Patrol Party? Grab our new Paw Prints for your next birthday party! Paw prints in 2 sizes and 14 colors for a total of 26 paw prints! These are great for:

1. Driveway paw prints

2. Table backdrop decorations

3. Photo booth props

4. Scavenger hunts

5. Cupcake Toppers

6. Stickers & Temporary Tattoos

7. Games like memory games

Bring in your own creativity to add fun (for free) to your birthday party!

This set will only be available for free for one week. Freebie ends July 26th so make sure to get yours before this set expires. Just sign up for our Party Club (it's free) and receive them in your inbox, along with some of our other past freebies.

UPDATE: This offer has expired but you can still get them in our Etsy shop.

Printable PAW Patrol Invitations

Make a splash at your Paw Patrol Birthday Party with vibrant digital invitations from Punchbowl (link below)! Dive into a world of endless designs, featuring your favorite Paw Patrol pups, all available for your choosing. They have a 7-day free trial where you can explore options with or without photos to create an invitation as unique as your little adventurer! Invitations can be sent out via email or via text.

Below are a few of their designs.

Paw Patrol Digital Invitations

Get ready to Paw-ty!! This cute Paw Patrol birthday invitation is available with or without photo. Includes all 5 original pups.


Skye and Everest Birthday Invitation 


Mighty Pups Birthday Invitation


Skye & Everest Sleepover Invitation


Paw Patrol Photo Invitation


Paw Patrol Popcorn Holders 

Grab these free Popcorn containers from Nick Jr. for your next birthday party! They also make great party favor containers. Click on image to download.


Paw Patrol Joke Book

Make your child's birthday party a paw-some celebration with the Paw Patrol Joke Book Coloring Book! This entertaining combo is filled with laughter and creativity, ensuring hours of fun for young party guests. Watch their faces light up as they color their favorite Paw Patrol characters and share giggles with the delightful jokes – a perfect way to make the day unforgettable!

Great for birthday parties, playdates, party favors, and kids activity. 6 pages to color and 5 jokes. Click the image for download.


Marshall Coloring Pages

Fun and engaging Paw Patrol Marshall coloring pages! These printable sheets feature Marshall, the beloved Dalmatian pup, and offer a fantastic activity to inspire artistic expression during playtime. Whether for leisure or a Paw Patrol-themed party, these Marshall coloring pages guarantee hours of entertainment for kids. Includes one color-by-number coloring page. Click on image to download.


Paw Patrol Printable Centerpiece

Bow Wow your guests with this easy printable Paw Patrol centerpiece. This 6-piece set is also great for party decorations and photo booth props. Number clipart is 9.5 inches tall and the other 5 pieces range in size. I made this centerpiece below for inspiration and as one idea. The sky's the limit with your imagination. 

Easy Invites

In a hurry? Print these free Pawty Time invites from NickJr. You get 4 per sheet, fill out, cut and done! Click on image for download.

Paw Patrol Stickers

Make your Paw Patrol party favors PAW-TASTIC with our fun printable stickers. 12 styles (all the pup colors) plus the Paw Patrol badge in 2 sizes. Print on sticker paper or print and cut on card stock for tags. Get details at our Etsy shoppe and check out some party favor ideas in the listing photos. Have a Paw-some Party!

Paw Patrol Thank-You Tags

Here are our new Paw Patrol Thank-you tags in all the puppy colors. They are great to use as tags (punch hole and put ribbon through) or stickers (print on sticker paper). Either way these colorful paw print tags will look adorable on your goody bags. Where do you get them? Right here and they are absolutely free. Enjoy!

PAW Patrol Numbers

Here's a great way to make PAW Patrol birthday centerpieces for your birthday party. This printable comes with one large number which is perfect for decorations or to use as part of your party table centerpiece. Our Paw Patrol birthday numbers come with a second PDF in a smaller size and bring 6 per page. Visit us at our brand new online Etsy store for details to our Paw Patrol Centerpiece Birthday Numbers.

Paw Patrol Number

Here's our new 2017 pink version of the Paw Patrol birthday centerpiece number. This birthday printable includes our exclusive pink paws & bone pattern to use on the backside (if you want a backside). Come check out our new printable Paw Patrol birthday decoration at our Etsy store.

Paw Patrol Stickers

These stickers are also great for cupcake toppers. Click image for download.

Paw Patrol Centerpieces

Getting ready for a Paw Patrol birthday Party? If so, then check out our super cool Paw Patrol printable centerpieces for all 8 pups! this is a fun way to decorate for your party! Each is approximately 8-10 inches wide and they're great for centerpieces, backdrops, photo booth props and games (get the little ones to answer which pup the phrases belong to. See details in out Etsy shoppe (and see some centerpiece ideas in the listing photos). Have fun!

Paw Patrol Photo Booth Props

Add these fun Paw Patrol photo booth props to your next pup party. Kids will have a blast taking posing with these cool free printables from Nick Jr. You can download them here.

PAW Patrol Printable Activity

We just love printable activity sheets! When our girls were little, they used to have so much fun with activity sheets, especially in restaurants while waiting for their food to arrive. This Paw Patrol activity placemat is what I call "multipurpose". Here are some of the ways we've used them:

  • Birthday Party - Print multiple activity placemats and place them on a small table with some crayons to entertain your little guests as they arrive. They're a great ice breaker, especially if some of the guests don't know one another.
  • Party Favor - Makes a great party favor, just roll up and tie with ribbon.
  • Playdates
  • Restaurants
  • Long Car Rides
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Anywhere where boredom is sure to show up.

This Paw Patrol printable activity placemat includes a Marshall maze, a coloring page, a match game and a word search with all 6 Paw Patrol characters. Click here to download and have some fun!

Oh my goodness! Look at these adorable paw crayons!! They are just too cute and you can find them here!

Paw Patrol Coloring Page 

Grab our free Paw Patrol shield coloring page! Kids can draw their favorite pup badge or use their imagination and draw their own shields. Great entertainment for Paw Patrol fans, parties, playdates, goody bags and any-time fun! Get this fun printable here.

Paw Patrol Mighty Pups

Join the Paw Patrol Mighty Pups for the Ultimate Rescue! These adorable pups are always ready to save the day. Here are some of the top ultimate rescues.

Chase and the Runaway Train Rescue - Chase leads a team of police pups to stop train cars that are rolling away.

Marshall saves the day during an Adventure Bay Monster Movie production.

Skye and the Volcanic Rescue - Skye dives into a volcano for the ultimate rescue

Zuma's Swamp Rescue

Rocky rushes to save a Sinking City

Rubble and the Comet Catastrophe that threatens Adventure Bay

Download all 3 coloring pages here.

Free PAW Patrol Stickers

We love stickers! Print these free printable stickers for your next birthday party or just for fun. These 2 inch (5 cm) Paw Patrol stickers print beautifully on round sticker paper AVERY 22807 which you can buy at your local office supply store or here. Click here for free download.

Paw Patrol Sea Patrol

Dive underwater with the Paw Patrol Sea Patrols for a whale of an adventure as they go on underwater missions. Wanna go on a treasure hunt with the Sea Patrol? Find and color the hidden gems is this pirate treasure map. Click on image to download your free printable. Lots to color and entertain little ones.

Paw Patrol Skye Goggles

Let your child's imagination fly high with these printable Skye goggles. They are perfect for birthday parties, party favors or just dress-up fun. Print on bright white card stock paper, and for a longer play life, laminate them (you can use clear contact paper or clear book cover paper). Download your free Paw Patrol Skye Goggles here.

PAW Patrol Coloring Pages

These Nick Jr free printable Paw Patrol coloring pages are "paw-fect" for little ones. This 7-page pup quiz coloring pack has a cute question on every page with the answer on the bottom. You can print one or all here.

Happy Birthday Coloring Page

PAW Patrol Coloring Books

If you have a Paw Patrol fan, these coloring books will be a hit! For the little ones, the chunky crayons are just perfect. And for the older little ones, the 2-pack Paw Patrol coloring and activity books will provide hours of entertainment and you cant beat the price! Click on images for details.

Marshall Coloring Pack

If your little one is a Marshal fan, then this Marshall pack by NickJr is perfect. click on image to download.

Everest Coloring Page

Everest Crown

If you're having a Paw Patrol Everest party, you've got to download these free Everest party hats from Nick Jr. They are a perfect addition to your birthday party. Download them here.

Paw Patrol Mess Free Coloring

These were very popular on road trips and airplanes when our girls were little. We bent down too many times looking for the crayon that rolled away! Back then they only had one marker but looks like we've advanced with 5 color markers. Click image for details.

Paw Patrol Chase Activity Pack

Paw Patrol Rubble Activity Pack

Paw Patrol Spot the Difference

More Fun Coloring pages

Paw Patrol Skye Activity Pack

Paw Patrol Zuma Activity Pack

Paw Patrol Puzzle Activity

Entertain little Paw Patrol fans with these free printable puzzles from NickJr. Great as a party activity or as a party favor. Click image for download.

Paw Patrol Cupcake Toppers

Here's a quick way to dress up ordinary cupcakes. These cupcake toppers are so cute and easy. Use them with the coordinating wrappers for an instant Paw Patrol birthday party.

Paw Patrol Birthday Banner

This printable birthday banner makes the perfect backdrop for your birthday party. Click image to download.

Paw Patrol Cup Wrappers

Turn ordinary cups into Paw Patrol party cups with these free printable cupcake wrappers. We love that you can put the child's name on the wrapper. Click image to download.

Paw Patrol Party Hats

These super cute printable party hats come in 8 different designs. You can print them here.

Skye Cake & Cupcake Toppers

What a fun way to decorate your cake and cupcakes. Absolutely love Skye in her high flyin' copter. Click image to download.

Skye Doggie Bag Toppers

Use these coordinating high flyin' Skye toppers for special treats and party favors. Click image to download.

Paw Patrol Doggie Bag Toppers

How cute are these doggie bag labels for Paw Patrol party favors? These party favor toppers by NickJr are perfect and you can download them here.

Back to School

Get kids excited about going to school with these great back to school printables.

Lunchbox Notes

Start the school year with these fun and positive NickJr. lunchbox notes. They're more than just notes, these little notes let's them know how much you care and behind the scenes, these notes build confidence and self-esteem. Click image for download.

Paw Patrol Pencil Toppers

Paw Patrol Chase

The images below can be readily found on th internet. They are not designed by us. We have added them here for your convenience.

Paw Patrol Marshall

Paw Patrol Rubble

Paw Patrol Skye

Paw Patrol Rocky

Paw Patrol Zuma

PawPatrol Everest

Paw Patrol Tracker

Tracker joins the pups! Tracker is the new Paw Patrol super-hearing pup hero. 

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