Disney Cars Crafts

Want fun Disney Cars crafts that double as decorations and games?  These paper plate hubcaps are perfect for a Cars birthday party activity and are fun and easy to make. 

They are great for all ages and practically free to make. You probably have the materials needed right in your home.  What's fun about these Disney cars crafts is that each child can add their own personality to their hubcap by making their own design. You may want to have different patterns available for your guests that would rather trace the pattern using a template. 

Disney Cars Crafts

Paper Plate Hubcaps

Disney Cars Crafts

Materials needed:

  • Different styles of paper plates in 9 inch lunch plates or the smaller cake plates for the little ones.
  • Aluminum foil
  • Sharpie or permanent marker
  • Hubcap patterns (optional)

Step 1

  1. Gather different styles of paper plates. Notice that the 2 plates shown above have different borders. Color doesn't matter unless you want to use them for another game. 
  2. Cut aluminum in pieces long enough to wrap around the plate.

Step 2

  1. Align aluminum piece over plate, making sure that aluminum overlaps the plate all the way around.
  2. Start pressing gently aroung the border of the plate until your aluminum has taken the shape of the plate.

Step 3

  1. At this point, you can have children get creative and free-hand their hubcap or you can find hubcaps that you like on the internet and print them out to use as a template like the example above.
  2. If you are using a patterned template (as above) trace the markings with a pencil or pen (I did mine in red so you could see the tracing.

Step 4

  1. Once you have traced the desired pattern, remove template, making sure the tracing went through to the aluminum.

Step 5

  1. Color in your pattern. If your guests (or you) are not ready for sharpies, cut out black (and other colors) shapes from contruction paper and place in small bowls.  Use glue sticks to attach the patterns.
  2. Another option is to give each child a Disney Cars sticker sheet and have them decorate their hubcap with the stickers. Or you can combine construction paper shapes and stickers for variety (although their hubcap might end up looking like a plate full of stickers), but as long as they have fun, you have achieved your goal.

Disney Cars Crafts

The first 2 plates on the left were drawn free-hand (and in a hurry), the 3rd plate (on the right) was the one used in this tutorial. So as you can see whether you use a template or creativity, they still come out looking pretty cool. And my favorite things about this craft was that they were easy and quick to make.

Idea No. 1:  Decorations - Make about 10 or so and you can use them to decorate the back of the cake table or around the party area.

Idea No. 2: Games - Clip them on a string like a clothesline and have kids throw a soft ball and see if they can hit it (like a carnival came).

I love this craft, so versatile, easy and inexpensive!

Lightning McQueen Cardboard Car

This Lightning McQueen Cardboard Car craft is so cool! All you need is a cardboard box, some red paint and the Disney Cars decals and you are off to making a supercool Disney Cars cardboard car. These are great for Disney Cars themed parties. They are easy to make and so much fun for the kids. Use them for race games, movie night, makeshift snack table or just for plain old fun!

Disney Cars Decals

Here are the printables at a glance, get all of the Disney Cars decal printables here.

Lightning McQueen Tire Decals

Rusteze Decal

Lightning McQueen Stickers

Lightning McQueen Cardboard Car Instructions

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