Cars Toon Mater's Tall Tales

Cars Toon Mater Tall Tales is a Disney animated series starring Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen.  The series stars the most famous tow truck in the world,Tow Mater, and Lightning McQueen from the Cars movie.  

Each funny episode is an adventure involving Mater in some escapade from his past.  He's been everything from Rescue Squad Mater to Moon Mater and Lightning McQueen is always some how involved even though McQueen never remembers the event.   

The series originally aired in 2008 and has been a children's favorite ever since. The series can still be seen today on the Disney Channel.  Here's a quick video showing some of the episodes from Car Toon Mater's Tall Tales.

This fun-filled Mater's Tall Tales DVD brings all nine episodes plus bonus features.  This DVD Blue-ray/DVD combo brings the following episodes.

  1.  Mater The Greater (3:50)
  2.  Rescue Squad Mater (2:50)
  3.  Monster Truck Mater (4:15)
  4.  Unidentified Flying Mater (4:15)
  5.  El Materdor (3:15)
  6.  Moon Mater (3:50)
  7.  Heavy Metal Mater (3:15)
  8.  Mater Private Eye (4:20)
  9.  Tokyo Mater (6:52)

Below are the logos for the Cars Toon series.  These beautiful logos were made by Dean from and he has given us permission to share them with our viewers.  You can use these logos for great kids birthday parties by using them for party labels, games, stickers, party favors and much more.

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