Frozen Party

Having a Frozen Party? Children (and adults) everywhere are in love with Disney's Frozen movie, which is an animated film, full of adventure, comedy, drama and lovable characters!

Disney's Frozen movie lends itself to many great party ideas and possibilities like a Norway backdrop or an ice castle, to trolls and princesses and princes, fun game ideas, crafts and party food. And of course we want to do it all without breaking the bank, which is why we love to design free printables!  A little planning can go a long way to an awesome party.  The key to a great birthday party is lots of fun....everything!  That means fun games and entertainment, creative ways to showcase your party food and interactive activities that all the children can participate in especially if they relate to the theme.

Free FROZEN Invitation Template

Come on it'll be fun! Did you and your little one already see FROZEN ll? It's magical! And Olaf?!!....Oh how we love Olaf!! It's going to be a year of Frozen birthday parties and Elsa crowns and costumes! And of course, we definitely want to be part of this Arendelle snowflake fairytale so we made a new free FROZEN birthday invitation template for you. This 5 x 7 inch printable invitation is easy to print and use. The invitation prints 2 per page and it's ready to cut and fill out. 

Want to add some sparkle to your invitation? Dust it with a little glitter or decorate with little white diamond rhinestones (not for small children) in the middle of the snowflakes. Or wrap it in a pretty glittery or satin white ribbon (see our photo on our home page) for a more royal look. Print your Frozen invitations here and have a magical celebration!

Frozen Elsa Hat

Transform instantly into Elsa with this beautiful handmade Elsa hat with braid. Great for pretend play and functional to keep warm in the winter months. This fun and fashionable hat has a realistic 17-inch long braid and is dotted with blue snowflake and round white rhinestones. The braid is finished with a shimmery silver ribbon. This warm and cozy hat makes a great gift for any Frozen fan and is a stylish addition to any outfit. Our knitted hats are handmade with premium acrylic yarn and no two are exactly alike (multiple hats can be made the same by request). For details visit our Etsy store.

Frozen Invitations

Let's start with fun and unique invitations that will build excitement of the celebration that's to come.  We designed this snowflake invitation for your Frozen party that is easy to print and fill in. There are 2 invitations per sheet, click here to download. A fun way to hand out this invitation is by making a hole with a hole punch in the top heart and putting a light blue or glittery white ribbon through the hole, then tie a bow so your guest can use it as an ornament or door hanger.

Another fun idea is to lightly sprinkle fine iridescent glitter on the invitations, making sure not to cover the party information. If you plan to hand them out with the ribbon, add some glitter to the back so it shimmers on both sides.

Please note that all our printables are for personal use only.

Frozen Party Free Printables - Invitations, Stickers, Cupcake Toppers, Elsa crown, Anna crown, printable games, coloring pages and lots more.

Frozen Thank-You Tags

We designed these snowflake Frozen party thank you labels to match our snowflake invitations and they are fun and whimsical.  You can download them in 2 different sizes (see below).  The 12 stickers per sheet measure 1 3/4" each which can be printed on 2" (5cm) round "print-to-the-edge" sticker sheets and you can download them here.  The 9 stickers per sheet measure 2 1/4" each which can be printed on 2 1/2" (6.4cm) round "print-to-the-edge" sticker sheets and you can download them here.  We recommend checking to make sure the sticker sheets are compatible with your printer.

Frozen Party Free Printables - Invitations, Stickers, Cupcake Toppers, Elsa crown, Anna crown, printable games, coloring pages and lots more.

We recommend printing these Frozen labels on round or square stickers because of the snowflake shape.  To use them as tags, print on card stock paper (thicker than copy paper), hole punch the label (heart), put ribbon through the hole and tie to your party favor.  Here is what each sheet looks like.

12 Tags

9 Labels

You can usually find these printer labels at your nearest office supply store but we are posting them here in case you are not able to find them in your area. We like Avery but it can be any other brand as long as the size is the same and you can print to the edge.  We recommend you read the packaging to confirm that these labels are compatible with your printer before purchasing. Click on image for details.

12 Labels Per Sheet

9 Labels Per Sheet

Frozen Font Generator

Guess what? Guess what? Guess what? You can now make YOUR name in the Frozen font style, thanks to Kustren who designed the font. It's easy, free and super quick (seconds) to make. Don't believe me? Try it yourself! Visit our Frozen Font Page for a mini picture tutorial or if you're ready to give it a try, go to Frozen font generator. Look how pretty the Frozen character names look!

Frozen Ticket Invitations

These ticket invitations are perfect for a birthday or a movie night Frozen party and they are so easy to make.  Once you have the image you want to use for the invitations, it takes just minutes to finish and print.

Frozen Invitations - Free printable invitations, ticket invitations.

Helpful tips before you start:

  • The only thing you need before you start is to have the image or photo you want to use ready on your computer.  No need to be precise with image size because you can increase and decrease size and you can reposition your photo when you are editing it.
  • Use card stock paper (thicker than regular copy paper) for a more professional customized look.  
  • All 9 invitation styles DO NOT have the same color and font options. For example, if you want to use the Disney font then Style 8 is not an option. 
  • Use the big arrows and big "+" and "-" signs for bigger movement of image. Use the smaller arrows and signs for little changes.
  • Each ticket measures 6 5/8" (16.8 cm) long by 2 1/4 wide (6.4 cm).
  • Set printer to "best" quality for brighter look.
  • The sample invitation above was made using ticket invitation No. 3. This is the only invitation style with the light blue which most resembled the Frozen color scheme.  There are other colors like pink, fuchsia and lavender which can also be used depending on the picture you are going to use.  
  • You can add your child's photo instead of a Frozen image for a more personalized and custom look. If you're feeling creative, you can prepare your child's photo before uploading it by placing the photo in front of a Frozen background (like her castle or snowflakes). 

As you can see there are many possibilities and they are really very easy to make.  You can print from 1 up to 4 invitations at a time.  For a more professional look, print on card stock or photo paper.

Are you ready to begin making your own Frozen invitations? Then click here and have fun creating your own free ticket invitations.  You will be amazed at how quickly you can make them.

Just wanted to show you what the invitations look like with personal picture.  Isn't this cute?  And it's free and ready in minutes!

Free Printable Frozen Invitations

Here's another free Frozen invitation using ticket invitation style no. 2. We love that you can use the Disney font on this style.

Frozen Invitations - Free printable ticket invitations, easy to make in minutes

This printable Frozen ticket invitation below was made using ticket invitation style no. 9.  I could keep making more, it's just so much fun!  As you can see there are many possibilities.  We hope you have fun making yours and feel free to send us your invitation, we would love to share it with our visitors.

Frozen Invitations - Free printable ticket invitations, easy to make in minutes

There are other invitations that you can purchase at a good price like these below. Package includes (8) invitations (with envelopes) and (8) thank-you postcards to match your party theme all for $4.97 and free shipping.  Click link below image for details.

Frozen Invitation and Thank You (8 each)

Frozen Online Invitations

Want to send your Frozen invitations via email or social media?  

These Disney Frozen party invitations are absolutely beautiful and free!  They are made by Punchbowl who has partnered with Disney to bring us these invitations that are fast and easy to make.  The Olaf and Kristoff & Anna invitations below are both free and they also have one more Frozen invitation design (Elsa & Anna) that you can purchase.  Another added free feature is that you can add a picture to the free Kristoff & Anna invitation.

They really do a lovely job with the invitations and we love their vibrant colors.  In just a few minutes you can have your Frozen party invitations ready to send. Click here and then click on "Free! Get Started" green button to begin and note that they will ask you a few questions (event date, child age) before you can select a design.  

Once you are on the design selection screen, hover over the different designs and it will show on the top left corner if that particular design is free.  There will be a camera icon on the top right corner indicating that you can add a photo to that design.

Olaf Online Invitations

Free Online Frozen Invitations, send via email or social media.

Frozen Online Invitations

Free Online Frozen Invitations, send via email or social media.

Frozen Elsa Mask

Brand New! Just finished designing these 2 new Frozen Elsa and Anna Masks. They are filled with sparkles and snowflakes, and ready to wear. We absolutely love masks! They are great for birthday parties, playdates, role play, Halloween, party favors or just for plain fun! Download Frozen Elsa mask and Frozen Anna mask.

Frozen Anna Mask

Frozen Font

If your looking for Frozen fonts to make your own invitations and party label, we have some fun and whimsical fonts that are perfect for your Frozen party.  Below is just one of our dozen fonts, to see more and learn how to make them, visit out Frozen Font Page.

Frozen Images

Clipart is always fun to use throughout your party and these extra large high quality Frozen images from Deviantart are great for decorations, party favors, games and lots more. Scroll down to Frozen Party Ideas and you can see in the first picture how similar ones were used to decorate the Frozen party favors.

This first Frozen Elsa image measures 7 1/2" tall when printed. Note that this image is half body only. Click on images for free download. Use card stock for a studier image.

This Frozen Anna image measures 6 1/4" tall when printed.

This Frozen image below measures 6 3/4" when printed.

This Frozen Elsa image below measures 9" when printed.  

For more Disney Frozen images, visit our Frozen Clipart Page.

Frozen Banner Clipart

Here is some pretty Frozen themed banner clipart that we made to using the Frozen color scheme. These are great for birthday invitations, scrapbooking and lots more. To download, simply drag to desktop or right-click mouse and save.

Elsa Wallhangers

This Elsa wallhanger from Disney is a perfect decoration for a Frozen party. Download here.

Olaf Wallhanger

Anna Wallhanger

Frozen Party Stickers

We love stickers!! They are so versatile! You can use them as:

  • Party favors
  • Give to your guests as they arrive
  • Use to seal a favor bag 
  • As decoration on a napkin ring

And what's great about these stickers is that they double as cupcake toppers.  Each sticker is 2" (5cm) in diameter so they are perfect for party cupcakes.  You can either lay them on the actual cupcake or tape the sticker to a pretty straw or lollipop stick and stand on the cupcake. There are so many cool Frozen characters that we made 2 different sheets.  Click on image for free download. 

There are various ways to print them. For stickers you can use Avery round labels #22830 which comes with the circles pre-cut.  Make sure your printer is compatible with the paper you choose.

Another way is to print them on a full-sheet sticker sheet and then cut them with a 2" (5cm) paper punch. 

Below is the sticker sheet and the paper punch in case they are not available in your area.  Click on image for details. 

Frozen Party Stickers Sheet 1

Frozen Party Free Printables - Invitations, Stickers, Cupcake Toppers, Elsa Crown and lots more.

Frozen Party Stickers Sheet 2

Frozen Party Free Printables - Invitations, Stickers, Cupcake Toppers, Elsa Crown and lots more.

Frozen Party Goodie Bags

Oh! Look at these Frozen-inspired goodie bags.  Make your own Frozen goodie bags with these Frozen printables. Seven takes 2 sheets of parts an Olaf and Anna have 1 sheet each. They are all so cute! Download this cute Frozen printable for all 3 characters here.

Frozen Let It Go Stencil

Anna Inspired Stencil

Snowflake Stickers & Cupcake Toppers

These snowflake stickers are just the right shade of blue for your Frozen party.  Each sheet brings 12 snowflakes. Print on sticker paper (see Avery 2" (5cm) round sticker sheets above) or card stock to use with favor bags or cupcake toppers.

Frozen Cakepops

These Frozen cake pops from MyCupcakeAddiction are absolutely beautiful and she does a wonderful job of explaining how to make them. 

Frozen Sticker Book

If your child loves stickers then this Frozen sticker book will be a hit!  Click link below for details.

Ultimate Sticker Book: Frozen (Ultimate Sticker Books)

Frozen Fortune Teller 

This was one of my favorite things to do when I was little. Of course, back then we had to make our own, but it was always so much fun. Click on image to download this fun printable.

Frozen Snowflake Numbers

Finally got around to making these! These Frozen inspired clipart numbers are perfect for a Frozen birthday party. Use them for invitations, cake or cupcake toppers, decorations and more.  This is actually a font with the alphabet and numbers (not with the blue Frozen background) which you can download for free or you can download and print any number with the Frozen background.  Visit our Frozen Font Page for details.

Frozen Party - FREE Frozen Snowflake Numbers, large clipart size, great for Frozen birthday party l Great-Kids-Birthday-Parties.Com

Elsa Crown

Couldn't resist designing this glittery free printable Elsa crown.  It comes complete with sparkly jewels and ready to print.  Our little ones will love wearing them whether it's at a Frozen party or just for fun!  Click here for free download.

Free FROZEN Printables - Elsa crown, Anna crown, invitations, stickers, printables games, coloring pages and lots more.

If you're looking for something a little more long lasting, this Disney Elsa crown is just beautiful.  Click link below for details.

Disney Store Frozen Princess Elsa Costume Tiara Crown

Anna Crown

Anna is such a lovable character and as a princess she too has her own crown.  We designed this sparkly Frozen crown complete with fancy jewels and you can download it here for free.

Free FROZEN Printables - Elsa crown, Anna crown, invitations, stickers, printable games, coloring pages and lots more.

Again, if you are looking for something more durable that will give your child longer play time, this Anna crown below is truly beautiful with all it's dazzling jewels.  Click link below image for details.

Disney Frozen EXCLUSIVE ANNA's Tiara

Elsa Crown Craft

Color your own Elsa crown and wand with this fun snowflake printable from The Enchanted Tree. Then decorate with sparkly gems or glitter glue.  Glue crown onto construction paper or foam craft sheet and cut out.  For the wand use a long sturdy straw or dowel (wooden stick).  Decorate the straw or dowel with ribbon, or color the dowel to match your colors.  Click on image for details and download.

Frozen Elsa Paper Doll Craft

Frozen Anna Paper Doll Craft

Frozen Sven Antler Craft

Make this fun Sven antler headband with this easy Disney Frozen template. Click on image to download.

Frozen Party Ideas

There's a lot that goes into planning a child's birthday party and the first things to figure out is the theme, place where you're going to have the party and the number of guests.  Take a look at our Party Checklist and Party Supply List to help you get started and stay on track.

Children's birthday parties are so much fun to plan for but one can quickly surpass the budget if we're not careful.  Frozen birthday parties are so beautiful to plan and there are so many wonderful ideas that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which way to go. We want to share some of the best out there from the very simple to the very detailed party. This Frozen party below featured on CatchMyParty is an absolutely dream for any Frozen fan. Look closely and you will find ways to save on your Frozen party.

Notice the plates, they are plain light blue plates (these or these) and smaller white plates and yet they look absolutely beautiful.  Notice the favor boxes, they are plain light blue boxes with Elsa and Anna cutouts that you can print at home and glue onto the boxes. They also added tiny rhinestones to Elsa's dress and hair and Anna's dress which really make the cutouts a lot fancier.  There is a large pom pom (it's actually a pen), ribbon, plastic blue necklace and a generic princess blue crown on top of the favor box.  If buying princess crowns for all your guests, consider buying paper princess crowns and embellishing them with rhinestones or using printable Frozen crowns (like ours above).

The tablescape consists of a beautiful tablecloth (they were custom made and fabric was $4.99/yd) with gems and a sparkly runner (also custom made) with silver sequence. A way to get this look for a lot less is to buy a light blue paper tablecloth and sprinkle sparkly snowflake confetti on the tablecloth. Notice the pretty color scheme of the lighter shade of blue on the tablecloth in contrast with the blue from the chairs.

Different sized styrofoam balls serve as "snowballs" and are strategically place along the length of the runner.  There are also white picture frames which you can probably find at the dollar store, Walmart or Target for a reasonable price.  You can also buy frames at the dollar store and a can of white spray paint and make your own for next to nothing.  

The 3-tier tower can be made from painted styrofoam circles and rectangles for the pole in the center. Use styrofoam glue to put the pieces together.  Notice that there is nothing heavy on this 3-tier stand. If you need something studier, you can use a stronger material like wood.  Make the number 5 from poster board and cover it in silver glitter on both sides. The letter "R" can be made by using a stencil on a piece of styrofoam, tracing the letter and then cutting it out and painting it in the lighter blue. 

Notice the white covered chairs in the back, see the blue ribbon around the chairs? Fabric tied around chairs always gives it a fancier look.  You can use tulle or any see-through fabric and if it has any sparkles then all the better.

While all these ideas are terrific, you can certainly decorate your party using other items.  The idea is really to find blue "princessy" things and  white royal and snow things.  For those of you planning a Frozen party in the winter it is going to be so much easier.  As soon as the Christmas holiday items start to appear (which will be soon were we live-Miami-because seasonal items are out 3 months before!) start gathering all the blue and white you can find.  If you even think you might have a Frozen party after winter, Christmas time is probably the easiest time to find lots of bargains.

You certainly don't have to do all these things to have a great party but picking out an element or an idea and incorporating it into your party can give it that extra special feel. Best of luck with your party! 

Frozen party

Here's a Frozen party ideas round up from that is just adorable. Lots of great ideas for a Frozen birthday party including ice bracelets, edible icicles and Elsa and Anna printable crowns.  We love the "snowball" cake which is actually powdered sugar donut holes. They have an easy-to-follow picture tutorial complete with ingredients and instructions. 

Here's a Frozen cake table complete with reindeer pulling carts. Love the blue sparkly tulle table skirt and the large snowflakes as backdrop.  The tulle skirt gives it a royal princess feel and the white decorations give it that Frozen wintery feel.

This Frozen party below set a simple (and inexpensive) table which is just adorable.  We just love the centerpiece!  A white container (dollar store), branches and twigs from nature and some snowflakes cut out of paper, and voila centerpiece done! and all for about one dollar.  Love it!  We love the branches on the centerpiece as they are because they remind us of Olaf but if you wanted to go more princessy, paint the branches white, then apply glue and add iridescent or white glitter.

Frozen Party Food

Oh my goodness! Just love this Frozen Elsa snack by creativekidsnacks. Amy was kind enough to share her work with us so we could share it with our visitors. Can you just imagine your little guests sitting at the birthday party table to eat this beautiful & healthy Elsa snack? It's just adorable and the blue plate adds just the right color combination. Click on image to learn how to make this delicious treat.

Frozen Cakes

Princess Elsa and Anna Cake

I love "doll" cakes and these 2 cakes are easy to make and decorate. Watch Ro and her sister make Princess Elsa and Princess Anna cakes. They are as much fun to make as they are to eat. You'll need an Elsa doll and/ or an Anna doll, 2 8-inch pans (1 inch high and 2 inch high) and an oven-proof bowl for this one. Have fun!

Frozen Printables

These free Frozen printables from Disney are so much fun!  And they're perfect for a Frozen party activity or to put in favor bags.  These Frozen activities are also quite handy to entertain little ones (and big ones - I still enjoy doing these). They are great for parties, playdates, at home, waiting room boredom, and restaurants which I made use of a lot when my girls were little.  There is a toddler phase were keeping them entertained while the food arrives is crucial to your own sanity.  

These Disney Frozen printables are a great opportunity for some mommy (or daddy) and me bonding time.  I just remembered I used to print 2 or 3 of the same (or not the same) and play right along with my children. We would color together and do word-searches and mazes together and for some reason I always finished last.  We had lots of fun!

To print, click on images for free download.  Enjoy!

Free Frozen printables-coloring pages, Elsa crown, Anna crown, invitations, stickers, thank-you tags, printables games

Anna Frozen Maze Activity

Frozen Spot the Difference

(This one is my faaaaavorite!)

Free Frozen printables-coloring pages, Elsa crown, Anna crown, invitations, stickers, thank-you tags, printables games

Sven Frozen Maze Activity

Frozen Snowflake Match

Olaf Frozen Maze Activity

Frozen Memory Cards

Frozen Crafts

There are lots of fun Frozen crafts to entertain all ages and some of our favorites are these Frozen activities that you can readily print at a moments notice. They are great for entertaining guests at a Frozen party or add to your favor bag.

Olaf Build A Snowman Craft

Free Frozen printables-coloring pages, Elsa crown, Anna crown, invitations, stickers, thank-you tags, printables games

Paper Snowflakes

Frozen Olaf Craft

Frozen Let It Go Lyrics

3D Paper Snowflake

This is such a pretty printable 3D snowflake and it comes in 5 different colors - blue, pink, yellow, purple, green.  They make great ornaments for your Christmas tree, for decorations and the blue one is perfect for a Frozen party.

To download snowflake clipart, visit our Frozen Font Page HERE.

Elsa's Door Craft

Remember Anna singing at Elsa's door?

This is one of the many memorable moments fro the Frozen movie where Anna sings to Elsa through the door.  This Scandinavian style pattern has beautiful colors of blue and green and can be seen on both sides of the door.  Here's the outside of the door.

Here's the inside of the door.  These pictures are not the best but you get the idea.

Recreate Elsa's Door

Little Frozen fans would love to have their own Elsa door and now you can recreate this pattern. The Enchanted Tree has made a beautiful pattern and they have been very kind to give us permission to share it with you.  Here's the picture of it which she made for her little girl.  What I love about her pattern is that you can make it on construction paper and then add it to the door so if your child changes "favorites" next month, all you have to do is take it down.  

You can also draw the pattern straight onto the surface (we recommend doing it in pencil) and then coloring it in.

Tree made these beautiful stencils herself and she is sharing them on her blog.  If you want to recreate Elsa's door simply click on image to download the free templates.

Frozen Paper Dolls

I love paper dolls! They are such a classic. This was one of my favorite pastimes when I was little. These paper dolls are lots of fun for "alone" play, playdates, party activity, car trip entertainment and lots more!

I happen to find these beautiful paper dolls by Cory Jensen and the wonderful thing is that he offers all his paper dolls as a free download from his Facebook page. He has designed multiple outfits for Elsa and Anna with gorgeous detail. He was kind to give us permission to post his images on our website for our viewers. To download, visit Cory at his Facebook page here, click on photos to see all the marvelous paper dolls. You can find the ones below in year 2013.

Free Frozen Coloring Pages

Elsa Stained Glass Coloring Page (print-&-color, or color online)

Olaf & Sven Coloring Page

Elsa & Anna Coloring Page (print-&-color)

Anna Bed Head Coloring Page (print-&-color, or color online)

Elsa, Anna, Olaf & Kristoff Coloring Page (print-&-color)

Frozen Coloring Pages

Frozen Printables -Free Frozen printables-coloring pages, Elsa crown, Anna crown, invitations, stickers, thank-you tags, printables games and crafts.

Free Frozen printables-coloring pages, Elsa crown, Anna crown, invitations, stickers, thank-you tags, printables games and crafts

Frozen Word Search

Here's a fun Disney Frozen printable game that's entertaining little ones. Click on image for free download.

Frozen Hairstyles

Complete the Elsa or Anna look with these beautiful Frozen hairstyles. Mindy from Disney Style does a magnificent job explaining and recreating these classic Frozen character looks.

Suggestion: Mindy is a professional and makes it look rather easy.  These hairstyles are doable but we recommend if you want to do this for your little one's birthday party or event, that you practice before the big day.

Elsa Hairstyle

Anna Hairstyle

Elsa French Braid 

For more Frozen party fun visit our Frozen Clipart page and our Frozen Font page.

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