Disney Cars Cake

I am constantly surprised by the beautiful Disney Cars cake creations I see.  Just when you think you've seen it all, something else even more spectacular comes along. 

There are so many choices and possibilities from shapes to layers that it would help if first we tried to narrow it down a bit.  Are you looking for something with detail or a particular scene?  Buttercream or fondant?  Lightning McQueen or the entire Cars gang?  Cars or Cars2  With birthday child in hand (if possible), look at the photo gallery below and keeping in mind the number of guests, decide on the following:

  1. Budget
  2. Cars or Cars 2
  3. Cake Size
  4. Cake or Cupcake or Both
  5. Homemade (cake mold, sheet) or Purchased
  6. Edible Photo Paper Cake - Picture of birthday child or child's favorite picture of character.
  7. Cake Batter or Other (candy, fruit, brownie, themed-donut tires)
  8. Buttercream or Fondant Icing
  9. Round, rectangular or both
  10. 1-Tier, 2-Tier, 3-Tier or more?
  11. Shaped - Lightning McQueen, Mater, McMissile, Francesco, Sally, Mack, Racetrack, etc.
  12. Number Cake - Child's Age
  13. Scenery (with Lightning McQueen, Mater or other characters) Racetrack, Road, Mountain, Radiator Springs, Cow Pasture (cow-tipping)
  14. Color Scheme and Patterns - Good Luck choosing this!  There is so much to choose from.  Hopefully the birthday child can decide so you don't have to.  Popular colors are: red, yellow, black, sky blue, brown, white, green.  Popular pattern- black & white checkered.
  15. Cake Toppers - Edible Photo Paper, Fondant characters, Small Toys, Themed-Cake Kits, Character Candles 
  16. Animated - Small moving character toy, or if you're electrically & mechanically inclined, something like the Mater's Cake below with working headlights.  Very Cool!

Free Cars Cake Topper

Need  Disney Cars Cake topper lightning fast? this all-in-one topper is all you need to decorate any cake in just moments. The original topper is 10.5 inches wide and can be reduced in seconds for smaller cakes. Just adjust size in printer settings. Grab this free Lightning McQueen cake topper here.

Free Disney Cars Cake Topper

For those who love Lighting McQueen and Mater equally, here's our Cars cake topper with both characters. Download your printable Disney Cars cake topper here.

Disney Cars Cake Photo Gallery

Cars Cake Pan

Wilton Cars Cake Pan

We love cake pans!  They make it so easy to make you're favorite character cake. This cake above was made using the Lightning Mcqueen cake pan.  This Disney Cars cake pan clearly transfers details like lightning bolt logo, big eyes, happy smile and headlights with ease. Pan comes with recipe and decorating instructions.  Click link on left for details.  

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