Disney Cars Birthday Party

Would your child like to race in his own Lightning McQueen race car?

Disney Cars Birthday party is an awesome theme for a child's birthday party because there are so many fun action-packed options. 

Great kids birthday parties take a bit of planning and on this page you will find everything you need for a fantastic Disney Cars birthday party, from invitations to party favors and everything in between. Pick and choose the things you (and your child) like most to make your own unique party experience. For help getting organized, visit the "Party Checklist" page.

Does your child love Disney Cars?

Kids love the Disney Cars movies, especially the Cars characters including Lightning McQueen and Mater.  If you (and your child) have decided on a Cars character theme, the next thing to decide is where to have the party.

The perfect place for a Disney Cars birthday party is anywhere! While outdoors gives children a little more space to run around, indoors parties are just as fun.  Whether it's your backyard (or someone else's), a park or anywhere where your guests can run around (International Speedway here we come!), most places work with a little planning. Outside is not the only option.  There are lots of great places to have an awesome birthday party including your living room (See indoor car wash idea below).  

Remember, it's not so much where you have the party but what you do at the party that counts.  But before we go any further, you should have a place in mind.  Here's is a list of places where you can have a great children's  party.  

Kids Birthday Party Locations

  • Backyard
  • Park
  • Lake
  • Go-Kart Facility
  • Local Swimming Pool
  • Zoo
  • Go Cart Racing Track
  • Local kids party place (i.e. Chuck E. Cheese, Gymboree, Dave & Busters)
  • Local kids party place
  • Children's Museum
  • Sports Complex
  • Aquarium
  • Amusement Park
  • Kid Friendly/Petting Farm
  • Playground
  • YMCA
  • Community Center
  • Miniature Golf Course
  • Science Museum
  • Movie Theater
  • Laser Tag place
  • Water Park
  • Skating Rink
  • Bowling Alley
  • Rock Climbing Facility
  • Laser Tag Facility
  • Movie Theater
  • Bowling Alley
  • Beach
  • Family Restaurant
  • Public Gardens
  • Children's Theater
  • Campground

Once you have the theme and venue, decide on a time frame for the party. Usually 2 hours is more than enough time for young guests.

Decide how many guests you will be inviting. Try to keep the list short for the little ones. The general rule of thumb is invite one child for every year of the birthday child + 2. So if your child is turning 5 then try to keep the guest list at 7.

Disney Cars Centerpiece

Want to make a Disney Cars Centerpiece? Then come check out our Disney Cars printable centerpiece. It has more than 25 GRAPHICS to make your very own masterpiece centerpiece! Plenty of images to make one centerpiece or different centerpieces. Get details for this Lightning McQueen party printable at our Etsy Shoppe.


Want some "Vroom" in your invitations?

Imagine the delight when your young guests receive their "super cool" Disney Cars birthday party invitations and find out they are going to race like Lightning McQueen! Start your child's birthday party excitement with a cool and creative invitation (and by creative I don't mean expensive).

FREE Printable Cars Birthday Invitations

Disney Cars Birthday Party Invitation Idea No. 1

Find your child's favorite Cars character picture online (like picture above) and print on white card-stock paper, cut and turn it into your Disney Cars birthday party invitation. Write the party information on the back and place in envelope with some stickers.

Disney Cars Birthday Party Invitation Idea No.2

You can make these FREE custom *VIP* ticket invitations in under 5 minutes!

actual size is 1 1/2 times larger (7" x 2 1/4")

Make your own Lightning McQueen birthday invitations for FREE! These Disney Cars birthday party ticket invitations are "super" easy and fast to make. You can customize these free printable birthday invitations online. We made these in under 5 minutes from start to finish.  At Printwithmypic.com all you do is pick your favorite ticket style, upload your picture, type your party information and print.

To see more Cars invitation samples visit our Cars Invitations Page HERE.  

To start making your own personalized Cars ticket invitations click here.

Below are 4 different styles of Disney Cars birthday party DIY ticket invitations. All were done using the website above, for free.  


FREE Disney Cars Party Ticket Invitations- Make these free printable invitations in just minutes!

To see more Cars invitation samples visit our Cars Invitations Page HERE.

Disney Cars Birthday Party Invitation Idea No.3

Can you believe this is a DIY Invitation?

Yep! It IS!.... and it's FREE!

These Disney Cars birthday party invitations are a definite favorite! And the beauty is that YOU can create it yourself.

There are many software programs where you can make this invitation, including "Pages", if you have a Mac computer. But don't worry, you don't need anything fancy to make these awesome invitations. Pic Monkey is a new website where you can create just about anything (with ZERO experience) and it's what I used to make the invitation above. Upload any picture and play around with it for a little while and you will get the hang of it.

Here's 2 other cars invitations done using the same method as above so you can set the tone for a great birthday kids party.

Want to have a great kids birthday party?

Have your guests feel like VIP's at your party by turning the same invitation above into a Disney cars VIP Pit Pass invitation by punching a hole, laminating invitation and placing a lanyard or ribbon.

Disney Cars VIP Pass Invitations - You can make this invitation for free then laminate and add a lanyard for a great VIP Pass invitation.

Want to make the Cars VIP PASS invitation above? Click here to download Cars invitation template.

How about a License Plate Invitation?

Make these right on your computer using "license plate" font. If you don't have it (I didn't), download the font for free here


The possibilities are endless!

Have fun creating a unique and personalized invitation for your child's special day!

What about the envelope?

It's easy to make your own invitation envelopes for your Disney Cars birthday party like the one above. This is a great project to do with your child and gives them an opportunity to be involved in the planning (not to mention what it does for their self-esteem).

Your Cars ticket invitations will fit with ample room in a regular white letter sized (No. 10, 4 1/4 x 9 1/2) envelope. Add Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater or your child's favorite Cars character by either printing it on your envelope as we did above or using Disney Cars stickers. Let your child use his/her imagination to draw a road (gray Sharpie marker) or anything else they may envision to give their invitations that personal feel. 

Want Free Disney Cars Invitations?

Disney Cars Printable Invitations

Look at these beautiful free printable invitations from Disney. Start your Disney Cars Birthday Party off right. Each sheet comes with all 4 Cars characters, they are perfect! Just print and they are ready to send (or give out) in minutes! You can find these super cool Disney Cars invitations at http://a.family.go.com/images/cms/disney/PDFs/cars-party-invitations-printable-1211.pdf.

Purchase 8-Pack Cars Invitations

Purchase ready-made invitations for your Disney Cars birthday party at your local party store. These usually come in a pack including envelopes and costs about $3 to $4 for a pack of 8. See Disney Cars invitations here.

Custom Cars Birthday Party Invitations

If you want more personalized birthday invitations for your Disney Cars birthday party and don't have the time to do them yourself, there are many online companies that make custom invitations. Check these out:

  1. Tinyprints
  2. Vistaprints
  3. Shutterfly

Email FREE Birthday Party Invitations

***New Cars Invitations*** 


Look how beautiful this Disney Cars birthday party invitation above is.  These new evite invitations from Spoonful are easy and done in minutes.  Sometimes emailing invitations are the easiest way to communicate with the parents of the guests.  All you need to get started is the picture you want to use and you are ready to start.  Filling out the party information takes a minute and you're done designing your own custom made invitation.  You also have the option of printing the party invitations.

The email invitation above was made using Smilebox. This is not a Disney Cars birthday invitation but it's good for car parties. For more resources on emailing kids party invitations, check out the websites below:

  1. Evite
  2. Punchbowl
  3. Smilebox
  4. Pingg
  5. Shindigg
  6. Socializer
  7. Purple Trail
  8. Crusher
  9. Zogi

Unique Cars Birthday Party Invitations

If you are looking for something different, something unique, below are 4 creative ideas for "extra cool" invitations for your Disney Cars birthday party.

Cars Birthday Party Invitations - Download these FREE printable Disney Cars and use them for invitations, decorations or party favors.  #cars invitations

Looking for creative FREE invitations?

This Disney Lightning McQueen car and Disney Tow Mater truck are actually 3D free printable crafts from Disney, which you can turn into invitations. Simply print, cut out, glue and leave the hood open (for the car). Then write your birthday information and slip it inside (like a secret message) and fold hood back down. This is definitely a WOW invitation!

The Lightning McQueen car craft is much easier to assemble and has a lot less parts, so unless your child's heart is set on Tow Mater, I would stick with Lightning McQueen.

Note: The bottom of the Lightning McQueen car has a space that you can either insert an invitation or use as a party favor by filling it with treats. The Tow Mater truck has 3 open spaces on the bottom. Fill the spaces with treats and then close by gluing with a strip of paper (can use brown grocery bag paper).

This can also be a craft for a party, however, due to the length of time it takes to cut out and glue, this may not work for a large number of guests or for little ones.

You can print Disney's Lightning McQueen craft here:


Print Disney's Tow Mater paper-craft truck here:



PIT Pass Lanyard Disney Cars Birthday Party Invitations

How cool are these FREE Disney Cars Birthday Party lanyard invitations? The best part is they are HOMEMADE!! And YOU can make them too!

Laminate your invitation and use lanyards or ribbons to add to invitations.  

Don't have time to make Disney Cars Birthday Party invitations?

Then print our Cars invitations on card stock paper (4 invites per sheet)

FREE Printable Cars Invitations - 4 per sheet #cars invitations

Then download our FREE printable Cars Invitations HERE

Car 2 Party Invitations

FREE Printable Cars 2 Invitations - 4 per sheet #cars2 invitations

Download our FREE Cars 2 Invitation Template HERE

Magnetic Birthday Invitations

Don't want your guests (or their parents) to lose your invitation?

These MAGNETIC photo invitations (picture above) from MagneticMessnger.com are great.  The cost for 20 custom magnet birthday invitations is about $30, click HERE to visit them.  

Need ideas for wording your invitations?

Here are some "theme related" words and phrases to help you write your Disney Cars birthday party invitations.

  • Radiator Springs Speedway
  • Route 66
  • Smith Family Speedway (your house)
  • Vroom Vroom
  • Start Your Engines
  • Rev Up Your Engines
  • Shift Into Gear and Join the Fun
  • Start Your Engines and Race Our Way
  • Race on Over
  • Boys & Girls Start Your Engines
  • Pit Crew Members
  • Get Your Race Day Ticket (for ticket invitations)
  • Come in for a Pit Stop
  • VIP Pit Pass
  • Race On Over, John is on Lap 3 (turning 3)
  • Ka-Chow!! John is turning 5
  • Race On Over to his Birthday Bash
  • Race On Over for Some Fun
  • John wants you to join his pit crew (join the party)
  • Make a Pit Stop on June 4th
  • John is racing towards his 6th birthday
  • John(He) is growing up lightning fast, come join us
  • Our speedway rookie is turning 7 and living in the fast lane! Please race on over to......
  • Please join us to celebrate
  • Zoom On Over for a Party
  • It's sure to be a tow-rific time! John is turning 9
  • Jonh's Birthday Party Celebration
  • Drivers start your engines and shift into gear, We're having a party to celebrate John's 8th year
  • **VIP** Pit Pass
  • Gates open at (party starts at)
  • See you at the winner's circle
  • Reserve your seat (RSVP)
  • RSVP to pit manager (person giving party)

Use the car racing starting green flag for your party starting time.

Use the car racing finishing checkered flag for your party finish time.

Cars Kid Fonts

If you're looking for fun, Cars themed fonts then read on.  Look at the cool kids fonts below, all with a race car theme or Disney theme.  

What's the best part about these fonts?

They're FREE

Just download and use. Make personalized birthday invitations and party labels for:

  • Water bottles
  • Party favor labels
  • Cupcake toppers
  • Stickers
  • Birthday banners
  • Name tags
  • Thank-you tags
  • and much more!

Once downloaded, you can customize the fonts by changing the size, color, boldness and direction.

Save 10% on All Products
Car Font - Over 35 Car Fonts!  Make Cars invitations, party labels, banners, party favors, water bottle labels, stickers and much more!

To see all the coolest Cars fonts visit our Kid Fonts page HERE

FONT Generator

Great kids birthday parties don't have to be expensive but they do need an element of "cool".  Here's an idea that's easy, fast and best of all, FREE.  You don't need special software to turn regular text into the coolest fonts.  This font generator is all you need to add "Wow!" to your next birthday party.  Use it for invitations, party labels, party favor stickers and lot's more.

Below is a quick example of the name "Kevin" using the same style but changing some of the other options.  Isn't this cool?  This would look great on a Disney Cars birthday party invitation.

Click HERE for details and more examples of fonts.

Disney Cars Birthday Party Ideas

Great kids birthday parties have games and activities for guests to enjoy. Here are some fun-packed ideas that will keep your guests having a great time!

Get ready, set......WAIT!!

Every racer needs a driver license

Choose from the 2 styles below

Download Lightning McQueen Driver License (above) Template HERE.

Print driver licenses on card stock paper for a more authentic look. Download Lightning McQueen Driver License template HERE.

Write in your State in the top rectangle and either put the child's picture (maybe from the school yearbook) or a Disney Cars image. Give each guest their own driver license as they arrive.

Give them an I.D. number just for fun or to use for a later game (i.e. you can call out their I.D. numbers and they each get a turn placing a car part on a Lightning McQueen cutout-see games below).

Have an adult fill out their "driver license" or they can fill it out, depending on the ages of your guests.

One of the easiest, most comfortable and safest way to make these licenses is to print the entire sheet on sticker paper ( the one where the entire sheet is a sticker- 8 1/2 x 11inches, 21.6cm x 28cm), then as guests arrive and fill out their license, you just need to cut off that license and peel sticker off paper and give to child to stick wherever they want.


You can print the sheet of kids drivers licenses (8 licenses per sheet) on card stock, cut them out and have guest fill out as they arrive.  

You can then:

  1. Leave the driver license as is and put double-sided tape on back and give to your guest to stick on wherever they want.
  2. Laminate - Using laminating sheets (can find at office supply stores).  Best to let them fill out before laminating because you can laminate them and then use a sharpie but it wouldn't look as nice.  Unless you fill out their licenses ahead of time, then laminate them and just have them sign the laminated license with a sharpie marker or other quick drying marker.
  3. Punch small holes on both top corners and place thin ribbon to make it look like a lanyard or use real lanyards.
  4. If you are making cardboard box cars (or having races) you can ask them to turn it in to a designated adult as they get their cars.

Any one you choose will be lots of fun at your next Disney Cars birthday party.

Sample Driver License

Disney Cars Door Sign

Disney Cars fans will love this bedroom door sign with Lighting McQueen and Francesco Bernoulli at the World Grand Prix. Just print and add child's name. Download this Disney Cars printable here.

Disney Cars Games

What's a party without games?  We have lots of different fun-filled games for all ages.  Look at all our cool party games and choose your child's favorite games for your Disney Cars birthday party.

Disney Cars Party Games

Note:  Due to the growing amount of games and activities on this page, we have had to move Disney Cars Games to a separate page.  

To see ALL our games, Visit our new Disney Cars Page HERE.

Want to see lots more Cars games?

Visit our Disney Cars Games Page HERE

FREE Disney Cars Coloring Pages

Kids love to color and display their artwork. This is a great activity for kids birthday parties.  Have your guests color their favorite Disney Cars  character and hang on a line with clothespins.  To make the line, simply hang a string from one area of the party to another area.  Displaying their coloring pages makes a great banner and serves as a decoration and something to take home after the party.

 Find sources for FREE Disney Cars Coloring Pages HERE.

Kids Word Search

Kids word searches are a fun activity for children, especially if the word search is a party themed word search.  This is a great Disney Cars birthday party activity which is a fun ice breaker at the beginning of a party while you're waiting for your other guests to arrive.  

Below is a Lightning McQueen's Word Search which is ready to print and use.  Click on the image or the link below it to print.

However, if you have a little extra time (and by little I mean about 2 more minutes) you can make your own personalized word search.  I did this  for birthday parties and classroom parties when my girls were little and the children got a kick out of seeing their names on the word search.

What's great about making your own kids party word search is that you can customize your it in various ways.

You can choose the following:

  • Title (Step 1) - You type it in so it can be anything.  It can be the birthday child's name or favorite party-themed character or some silly name.
  • Size (Step 2) - How many lines across and how many lines down
  • Overlapping (Step 3)- whether you want to share none, some or a lot of letters.  This feature is convenient since choosing not to overlap may be easier for your younger guests. 
  • Output Type - Choose depending on what you want to use it for.  If you're going to print from your computer, choose "HTML"
  • Words (Step 5)- Since you can type your own words, this is a fun activity to do with the birthday child.  They can decide on the words and it serves as a wonderful bonding time, not to mention what it does for self-esteem. 
  • The word search below has 21words and is for older kids. We suggest you keep it between 6 - 12 words for younger children.  Otherwise it becomes more like homework and less like fun!
  • Pick words they can associate with.  Words from the party theme like characters and action words like "racing" for a Cars party.  Something the children always enjoy is seeing their names, so you can add your guest list (unless you have a lot of children), otherwise just add the birthday child's name. 

This entire process of making your own personalized kids word search for your next birthday party really does only take a few minutes to make.

To Make Your Own Personalized Kids Word Search, Click HERE

Print Lightning McQueen's Word Search HERE

Disney Cars Printable Board Game

Want to have this cool ready-to-go board game at your next Disney Cars Birthday party?

Kids love to play board games, especially when they are easy and familiar.  This Cars themed printable game is perfect to keep children entertained while your other guests arrive.

Material needed:

  1. Cars Printable Board Game - Print colored or as a coloring page on card stock paper (buy at office supply stores). 
  2. Die - Use a die from another board game or pick some up at the dollar store.
  3. Race Cars - You can usually find race cars sold in a pack at the dollar stores.

How to play:

  1. Give each child a race car
  2. Take turns rolling the die
  3. Move up on the board the number of spaces you got on the die.
  4. First one to the finish line wins!

This cool printable board game can be colored online or printed in black and white and then colored by the children.  Coloring this board online is a great project to do with your child.  Let them experiment and "paint" the squares with different colors.  It's a lot of fun!

 Or, use it as a table "runner" by placing 1/2 boards side-by-side along the center of the children's table like the picture above.  You also have the option of changing the background.  The one above has a black background, but there are lots of colors to choose from.

To make a cool board game table runner, print one like the one above, then print the same board game with a yellow background and another with a red background. Tape together side by side and place along the center of the table.  Perfect for your next Disney Cars party.

If you're running short on time, you can print our ready-to-go colored board game HERE.

Note:  This board game comes in 2 parts, so you will be printing the "top" half and then the "bottom" half.

If you want to color your own, click HERE for top part.

If you want to color your own, click HERE for bottom part.

If you want to print the colored game board above, click HERE.

Race Car Printable Maze 

Here's a great activity for little ones at your Disney Cars birthday party.  Set out some crayons in a shallow plastic or cardboard tray and have the children color the triangles to the finish line.  Click on image for download.

Note:  Remember to give the children instructions to color the triangles to the finish line.

Kids Party Music

Kids love to sing along to their favorite tunes and these Disney Cars songs really put "FUN" into any party. To see the list and hear samples of songs from both movies plus Lightning McQueen Fast Tracks and Mater's Car Tunes, visit our Cars Movie Soundtrack page. 

Disney Cars Birthday Party Decorations

WOW! Look at this beautiful Disney Cars birthday party table setting! I know what you're thinking - that's a lot of work.......that's a lot of time......and most importantly.......that's a lot of money.

Well don't feel intimidated! This Cars table setting was done by Treasures and Tiaras, a company dedicated to decorating beautiful parties.

Use these pictures above as inspiration for ideas for your child's birthday party. Great kids birthday parties don't have to cost a fortune. Save money by purchasing solid color tablecloths, balloons, and napkins. And remember that party supplies such as balloons go a long way as part of your decorations.

LOOK at the balloon decoration below

This balloon decoration (those are my girls) was easily done and inexpensive. We used the following:

  • Solid color balloons
  • Balloon string
  • Helium tank
  • Scotch tape
  • And some helping hands


  • Blow up balloons and tie long pieces of string to balloons.
  • Starting with the first row (yellow balloons closest to floor) start taping them to the floor. Make sure to tape a little separate from the wall.
  • Then start the 2nd row, taping them in between the first row. Continue this until you have achieved the look you want.

The hardest part of this decoration is being on the floor taping the strings to the floor, but we took turns and finished in no time at all.

Below is a picture from a distance so you can see the effect. We were working on the last top row when I took this picture.

Disney Cars 2 Birthday Party

Look at this beautiful table setting for a Disney Cars 2 birthday party done by Treasures and Tiaras. Notice the bright color scheme, it sets the stage for what you know is going to be a great party.

Can You Spot the $avings?


If you look at the photos of the Disney Cars birthday party shown above, you'll notice that a Lightning McQueen party pinata was actually used as the table centerpiece. Using a large item like a piñata will help carry the Cars theme through in a big way.

You'll be able to spot a good number of ways to cut costs while still carrying your Cars theme out loud and strong. You can easily tell that it is a Disney Cars party theme but did you notice how a lot of the decorations and paper goods including the plates, cups, tablecloths, table runner, balloons, bunting, party favor boxes and chair decorations are generic solid colors?

Yet, you can still see that it's a Disney Cars birthday party. Solid color supplies are less expensive (and found at dollar stores) than the themed supplies and with the right combination you can make a beautiful and fun table setting.

The Lightning McQueen car sitting on the plate in the picture above is the Disney Cars paper craft we showed you above in "unique Disney Cars Invitations" and it can double as a party favor by putting treats inside.

Buy used tires for about $2.00 (make sure to clean tires thoroughly before using). Inflatable tires are also an option and can be used for decorations and/or games.

These colorful inflatable tires above add fun to any Disney Cars birthday party. Great to use as decorations, play games and/or give out as party favors. These tires are 21 inches in diameter. 

Prefer Black and White?

This inflatable black and white tire above measures 36 inches (91.4 cm). Click on Amazon button above for additional details.

Lightning McQueen Birthday Party Decorations

Look at this beautiful Disney Cars birthday party table setting by Treasures and Tiaras.  They've done a party-themed table that is inviting yet simple.  Notice that the only character items are the plates, cups and juice boxes.  This Cars party table is fun without being cluttered or busy.  Any child would love to be part of this party.

This is the Luigi's Flying Tires ride in California's Disneyland.  Carsland is the newest expansion at the Disneyland Resort and features the Cars theme throughout.

Notice the wall in the background with the hubcaps.  You can recreate this look for your party for practically nothing.  We made the paper plate hubcaps below in minutes.

Make about 10 hubcaps or so and you can use them as a backdrop for your cake table or around the party area. These are easy to make and add to your Disney Cars birthday party decorations.  To see how to make them visit our Disney Cars Crafts Page HERE.


If your feeling crafty, these colored hubcap flowers below would definitely brighten any child's birthday party and go perfectly with a Cars theme.  Paint them with the Disney Cars theme colors (red, yellow, black) or blue or green.  Use the Disney Cars characters for inspiration, like Fillmore's turquoise-green or Dinoco blue.  If your child is more of a Cars 2 fan, then Francesco Bernoulli's Italian colors of red, white and green would be a great idea.

Disney Cars Birthday Party Supplies

Oh Wow! There are SO many different and creative ways to decorate with a Disney Cars themed party, that it's wise to plan ahead before you begin buying party supplies. Read our "Party Checklist" page to plan your birthday without stress. Then print our FREE "Party Supply List" to help you stay organized and on track. Use the "Other" on each section of the list for specialty items, like checkered flags for example.

Remember to coordinate with solid colored items for that professional look while keeing cost down (see above picture). Everything doesn't have to have the character on it.  Visit our Disney Cars Party Supplies Page for a complete list of Disney Cars party supplies, including decorations and part[]=[ware.  There is also a great selection of toys, games, books and gifts.

Epcot Disney Cars

Look at Lightning McQueen!! It's the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival showcasing Disney Cars! My daughter, Lauren, sent me this picture and I just had to share it with you all! I am in love with not only the beautiful McQueen but also with the decorative flags behind it! I thought these made great decorations for a Disney Cars birthday party so I made a free red & yellow checkered flag printable just for you (below)! To download just right-click your mouse and save to your computer. These are also tons of fun to use in racing party games, table decorations, backdrops, popcorn cones, and so much more! Have fun creating your own DIY Disney Cars decorations!

Disney Cars Checkered Flag

Visit our Disney Cars Party Supplies Page for more ideas.

Disney Cars Cake

Look at this Tow Mater Cake

This is a real cake with working headlights! Very clever.

Too bad Lightning McQueen doesn't have headlights, this is a great effect on any cake.  Still this would be a fun cake for any Disney Cars birthday party.

Wow! Cakes have come a long way and I am always amazed at the creativity.  Our Disney Cars photo gallery includes all types of birthday cakes.  Whether you are looking for sheet cakes, 4-Tier creations, scenery cakes, "pull-apart" cupcake cakes or even cakes with working headlights (yes, that's right), you will find lots of ideas in our gallery that we hope will inspire you.  Go to Disney Cars Cake Photo Gallery Page 

Want to see LOTS MORE awesome and unique Cake Ideas? Visit our Pinterest Disney Cars Party. You'll be amazed at all the great cake ideas and kids birthday party ideas.

Want to make your own Lightning McQueen Cake?

Watch this video where she uses 1 sheet of cake to make the car, then puts buttercream icing, then the fondant icing on top. The hardest part is making sure you cut the pieces of cake into the right shape but just follow the video and you can do it.

My daughters like to make fondant cakes and it is easy to work with. The tricky part is transferring the fondant from your workplace to the cake. Watch how she uses her rolling pin to transfer fondant, making sure to place fondant in the middle of cake.

This is a great time to get your child involved. Have them help you make the cake. Not only do you get to spend quality time together but imagine your child's sense of pride when he(she) tells his(her) friends that he(she) made the cake!

Have fun and send us your pictures so we can share with our visitors.

What about the Food?

Cars Party Food

Think about the kind of party you want to have (sit-down, buffet, kids meal pre-made boxes) and the ages of your guests. For little ones, finger food is the easiest or you can have easy lunch meals. Below are some kids birthday party food ideas.

Cars Party Food Ideas

Finger Foods

Hot Dog Race Car - Hot dog, carrots, grape tomato and a little dip.  I would substitute the toothpicks for skinny pretzel  sticks (safer for little ones) or thin carrot sticks.  Open the holes with a toothpick, then insert pretzel/carrot stick.

Race Car Sandwiches - These sandwiches are perfect for a Disney Cars party theme and easy to make.  You can substitute the toothpicks with pretzel/carrot sticks (safer for little ones).

Race Car Family Sandwiches 

It's amazing how putting some buns and hot dogs together in just the right way will equal race car family sandwiches.  That is creativity!  

Mini Race Car Sandwiches - Race on over to these fun edible cars.  

Traffic Light Sandwiches - Everyone will be making a pit stop at your food table with these cool sandwiches.  Make with cheese, turkey or cream cheese  and fill the lights with colorful veggies.  Yummy and healthy!

Cheese Cubes - Assortment of cheeses. Add checkered flag toothpicks to go with the theme.

For more Kids Party Food Ideas click HERE.

Kids Fruit Desserts

Race Car Fruit Salad - For directions on how to make, visit



Strawberry Race Car - Adorable strawberry and blueberry fruit car.

Fruit Race Cars - Apples and grapes make this a healthy snack.

Watermelon Race Car - Click on picture for recipe and directions.

Kids Party Treats

Lightning McQueen Cupcakes - These cute cars cupcakes are easy to make, using M & M's for the tires and headlights.

Disney Cars Cupcake Rings

These Cars cupcakes are easy to make and look super cool!  Frost the top of cupcakes lightly then dip in crumbled oreo cookies (without the creme stuffing). Then pipe 2 broken white lines to make the lanes.  This grass piping is a bit advanced but you can make something similar using a quart-size plastic bag, filling it with green frosting and ping it regular onto one side of the cupcake.  Then take a fork and put it in the green frosting, then pull up quickly to make wisps.  Then place this fun Cars cupcake rings and your ready to go!  You can find the Disney Cars cupcake rings here.

Tire Donuts - This one couldn't be easier. Place mini donuts on a chopstick or skewer and pile rest of donuts around skewer. Done!

Tip: Secure the skewer to the plate using tape.

Print Luigi's Tire Label HERE

Disney Cars Cupcakes - Buy or make these red-icing cupcakes, place cars cupcake toppers and sprinkle with confetti sprinkles.

Disney Cars Birthday Party Favors

Unique kids party favors for every budget. Whether you want DIY party favors or pre-filled kids favors, we have creative kids party favor ideas to match your theme. Click HERE for Disney Cars Party Favors.

Best Kids' Party You've Ever Been To?

What was the best kids' party you've ever been to? Was it the decorations, the games & activities, great party favors? Tell us what was it about the party that made it so special.

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