Elf On The Shelf 

Love Elf on th Shelf? We absolutely do! This adorable Christmas Elf is Santa's scout elf and has become a super fun Christmas tradition for millions of households. Who is Elf on the Shelf? They are Santa's scout elves that hide in your home and every night after everyone has gone to sleep, they fly back and report to Santa what they've seen. Every morning before the family wakes up, they fly back from the North Pole and hide in a new place so it becomes a hide-n-seek game for the family. Children can tell the elf their wishes and the elf will tell Santa. The last day the elves appear is on Christmas day where they fly back with Santa until next Christmas. 

On this page you'll find fun coloring pages, printables and other elf ideas (all free) to add to your Christmas tradition. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Elf on the Shelf Coloring Pages

These adorable flying elves are now captured in these beautiful and easy-to-color coloring pages. They are great for all ages really show off how cute they are. Use crayons, colored pencils or watercolors to make them your own. We love to use glitter pens and stickers for added sparkle! 

There's a trick to downloading this Christmas holiday coloring pack. The Elf on the Shelf website recommends using Chrome or Firefox browser to get the best download. Once there they give you 2 options for downloading. We use Mac computers, and for us, the pages come out a lot better by downloading the PDF as oppose to right-clicking mouse and saving to desktop. The "saving-to-desktop" option gives us a slightly blurry image but does not include the logo or the border, and maybe you prefer that. Also, the PDF allows you to download all the pages at once, where the save-to-desktop is one at a time. We recommend you try both (it's free) and see which one gives you the best coloring page. That said, let the fun begin! Scroll on down for some Christmas Elf fun!

Elf on the Shelf Holiday Pack

Love the illustration of these coloring pages. You have flying elves, working elves and socializing elves in this cool Christmas coloring pack. Click on our image below to get yours.

Elf Goodbye Letter

Let your child's Christmas elf leave a goodbye letter. There are 2 letters, a "see you next year" letter and a "I will miss you" letter. You can print both by clicking on the image. See you next year!

Elf Goodbye Letter

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