Barbie Selfie Generator

The new Barbie Selfie Generator is here! Not only is it fun and free, it is marketing genius! Plus an awesome party favor for your next Barbie movie birthday party! Check this out! see made this poster below in seconds! Ready?

First you'll go to the Barbie Selfie Generator (link below).


Once here, you can take a picture or upload your favorite.


Once your photo is uploaded, you can edit size and reposition, and rotate using the arrow keys and the sliders.


Now you can be a Barbie or a Ken and personalize the text.


Here you get to choose your favorite glitter background cover, there are 8 colors to choose from. Just click on your favorite one and click continue. 


Now all that is left to do is download and share using #barbiethemovie. Go to the Barbie Selfie Generator and make your own! It's so much fun!!


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