Fairy Names

Fairy names are whimsical and so much fun!  Imagine greeting all your party guests with their own special fairy name or sparrow man name.  

What an unexpected fun treat and so easy to do.  You can generate fairy names (and sparrow men) in seconds by using the child's name or by generating random fairy names. 

If your guests believe in fairies, you can let them know that Tinker Bell (or magic fairy, or fairy princess) flew in and dropped off their fairy names.

Turn their fairy names into a simple scavenger hunt.  Make the presentation of their fairy names even more fun by writing their fairy names on a mini scroll (sparkly paper).  Then roll it up, put their real name on the outside and tie with fairy ribbon (something sparkly).  Then hang on a tree or other party area and send them off to find their special fairy name.  If it's an indoor party, use removable tape to attach streamer paper from the celling down to just above their heads and tie one scroll to each streamer. 

My fairy name is Feather Winddancer and you can get your fairy name by using your name or by selecting a random name.  It also describes your fairy and her or his personality. This is our favorite fairy name generator because it's so easy and fast.  You can generate fairy names for all your guests in minutes.  

Below is a picture of what the screen looks like.  See how easy?

Decide how you want to choose the fairy name, then if your using the child's name, enter first and last name, choose gender and click the "Generate Fairy Name" button.   Done!

Your fairy name will appear along with a the fairy's description and personality.  See what your name is here.

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